Service Marketing Important Question Bank

Unit – 1: Nature and Type of Services
Q. Define services. What are the characteristics of services?                      2014
Q. Define product. Distinguish between Goods and Services.                    2014, 2016

Q. Explain the different components of service marketing triangle.                                        2017
Q. Discuss in detail about the origin and reasons for growth of service sector in India. Also mention the service sector and its contribution to Indian economy.                                        2015, 2017, 2018
Q. Enumerate the factors of macro- and micro-environment for marketing of services.                 2015, 2016
Q. What do you mean by ‘service environment’? Explain the broad classification of services.                    2018
Unit – 2: Consumer Behaviour
Q. What do you mean by customer behavior? Explain various stages which are involved in customer decision-making process towards services.                            2014, 2018
Q. Define the term ‘perception’. Explain the process of perception in the context of service marketing. Explain various factors which influence customer perception towards different services.                            2014, 2016
Q. Define service market segmentation. Discuss in detail the common bases for segmenting the consumer market. Give your reasoning favouring service market segmentation in India.                              2016, 2018
Q. What is service expectation? Explain various types of customer’s expectations of services. Discuss the nature and determinants (Factors affecting) of customer’s expectation of services.               2015
Q.  What are the various customer groups? What are their distinctive characteristics?                  2017                      
Q. Discuss the importance of the study of consumer behaviour in service marketing.                    2017
Q. Explain the concept of market positioning.

Unit – 3: Marketing Mix
Q. Explain in detail about the elements of expanded marketing mix in service marketing.                          2016
Q. Define ‘service marketing mix’. Also discuss the ‘new service development process’.                             2018
Q. What do you mean by ‘quality’? Discuss the quality model in service marketing.                       2014, 2016
Q. What are the determinants of Service Quality? How do they influence service business? Discuss the causes behind service quality problems.            2015, 2017
Q. Explain the meaning of advertising. What are the roles of advertising and packaging in service sector business? 2014, 2018
Q. What are the tools of Sales Promotion? Explain with examples for any two services.                               2017
Q. Define Branding. Discuss the role of Branding and Packaging in service marketing.    2015
Unit – 4: Service Marketing Applications
Q. Write in detail about the marketing of financial services.      2014, 2016
Q. Elaborate the ‘health care service industry’. Also discuss the factors responsible for the growth of health care services in India.                                               2018
Q. Define ‘tourism marketing’. Discuss the various types of tourism segmentation in India. Discuss the marketing practices in tourism industry.                    2016, 2018
Q. How do you understand a tourism offer? Explain the marketing components of a tourism service.    2017
Q. What do you understand by marketing of educational services? Discuss the points which are significant in marketing educational services.                     2015
Q. Explain the marketing practices of hospitality services in India.                          2014, 2017
Q. What do you mean by banking? Explain about the criteria for segmentation for marketing of banking services. 2015

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