Dibrugarh University - Fundamental of Entrepreneurship 2010 (Speciality)

 1.       (a) Explain briefly the emergence of entrepreneurial class.
(b) Explain briefly the role of small business in indian economy.
2.       (a) What are the sources of venture capital and what documentations are required in this regard?
(b) What necessiates external environment analysis in regard to your venture?
3.       (a) Justify the need of innovation for an entrepreneur.
(b) Justify the need of social responsibility for an entrepreneur.
4.       (a) What is an entrepreneurial development programme? Do you think such programmes can make entrepreneurs effective?
(b) Do you think the government is playing an effective role in organizing entrepreneurial development programmes? Justify.
5.       (a) Elucidate the role of entrepreneurship in export promotion and import substitution.
(b) Elucidate the role of entrepreneurship in forex earnings and augmenting andmeeting local demand.