Dibrugarh University - Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship 2009 (Speciality)

 1.       (a) Explain the theories to an entrepreneur. Also State the role of small business in indian economy.
(b) Elucidate the emergence of entrepreneurial class. Also state the government policy regarding small units.
2.       What re the steps that may be taken for promotion of a venture? How will you analyse the opportunities in this regard?
(b) What are the legal requirements for estaiblishment of a new unit? How will you raise funds in this regard?
3.       (a) Explain the entrepreneurial behaviour and pshychological theories.
(b) Explain how an entrepreneur is having relevance to social responsibility.
4.       (a) Make a critical evaluation of entrepreneurial development programmes organised by the government.
(b) Highlight the role, relevance and achievements of entrepreneurial development programmes.
5.       (a) Do you think entrepreneurship development shall generate employment opportunities? If so, justify.
(b) “Entrepreneurship development can bring about social stability and balanced regional development of industries.” Justify.