Dibrugarh University - Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship 2011 (Speciality)

1.       (a) Elucidate the role of small business in indian economy.
(b) Elucidate the characteristics of entrepreneur.
2.       (a) Do you think legal requirements are required for estaiblishment of a new unit? If so, explain.
(b) In promoting a venture, how will you make opportunity analysis?
3.       (a) Explain the different aspects you would consider in judging entrepreneurial behaviour and psychology.
(b) Explain the different aspects you would consider for an entrepreneur having social responsibility.
4.       (a) Make a critical evaluation of entrepreneurial development programmes.
(b) Highlight the relevance of entrepreneurial development programmes.
5.       (a) “Entrepreneurship can generate employement opportunities.” Justify.
(b) “Entrepreneurship can compliment and supplement economic growth.” Justify.