Dibrugarh University - Indian Financial System 2010 (Gen/Spe)

 1(a) what do you mean by Financial system ? Discuss the characteristics of Indian financial System.
(b) what is money market ? Discuss the role of money market in the Indian financial market.
2(a) Discuss about  the reform measures undertaken by  Indian regulators to improve banking  services in our country during the post –liberalization period.
(b) explain the nature and composition of assets maintained by commercial  banks. What impact asset structure of a bank has on its profitability? 3(a) Discuss about the  constitution and management  of Reserve Bank of India (RBI).
(b) Discuss the role of RBI as a regulator of Indian money market.
4(a) what do you mean by  New Issue market (NIM) ? Discuss the functions of aNIM.
(b) what is financial service? Discuss in brief about the financial services provided by  merchant Bankers in Indian capital market .
5(a) Discuss the role  and  functions of Development Banking  Institutions in India.
(b) write brief notes on:
(ii)  ICICI  Bank