Dibrugarh University - Indian Financial System 2011 (Gen/Spe)

 1.(a) what do you mean by  financial services ? Discuss the role  of financial  services in economic development of India.
(b) what do you  mean by financial Instruments? Briefly  describe the important instruments of capital market.
2.(a) Describe briefly the role and functions of commercial banks.
(b) write short notes on :
(i) Interest rate  reforms
(ii) cooperative banking
3.(a) Discuss how the RBI control the banking institutions of our country.
(b) Discuss the essential characteristics of strong money  market.
4.(a)what di you mean by Stock Exchanges in the capital market.
(b) Discuss the reform measures undertaken in Indian capital market during the post – liberalisation period.
5.(a)write short notes on :
(ii)Industrial Development Bank of India
(iii)Assam financial corporation
(b) what do you mean by  Development Banks  ?Discuss the role of development banks in the  economic  development of a country.