Dibrugarh University - Business Environment (Nov ' 2011)

2011 (November)
Commerce (General/Speciality)
Course : 104
Full Marks: 80
Time: 3 hours
1.       Answer as directed: (1x8=8)
(a)    Which of the following is an internal factor of business environment?
(i)      Value system
(ii)    Company’s image
(iii)   Management structure
(iv)  Company’s financial position
(v)    All of the above factors
(b)   There is no difference between economic growth and economic development. (True of False)
(c)    The units set up under SEZ, must be a foreign exchange earner. (True or False)
(d)   Capital market deals in short-term/long-term loanable funds. (True or False) Money market deals in short-term loanable funds. Capital market deals with long term funds.
(e)   Dunkel Draft” was proposed in the Uruguay round of GATT.
(f)     SDR’s are also called as “Paper Gold”. 
(g)    Write the full form of SAFTA.South Asian Free Trade Agreement
(h)   Mention an adverse impact of globalization on the Indian economy. outsourcing of jobs to developing countries has resulted in loss of jobs

2.       Write short notes on: (4x4=16)
(a)    SWOT analysis
(b)   Present International business environment
(c)    WTO
(d)   World Bank

3.       (a) Explain the concept and significance of business environment. (7+7=14)  Click here for Answer
(b) Discuss the external factors of business environment. 14

4.       (a) What do you mean by “Business cycle”? Explain the phases of business cycle with the help of a diagram. (4+10=14)  Click here for Answer
(b) Explain the causes of industrial sickness and analysis the effects of it in the north-eastern region of India. (10+4=14)  Click here for Answer

5.       (a) Discuss the salient features of New Industrial Policy (1991) of India. 14  Click here for Answer
(b) Describe the salient features of Government of India’s latest Industrial Policy for the North-Eastern Region. 14
6.       (a) What is meant by “Monetary policy”? Discuss the objectives of monetary policy in a developing economy. (4+10=14)  Click here for Answer
(b) Explain the quantitative credit control measures of central bank. 14