Business Environment Syllabus (101) | M.Com (Previous Year DODL)

Dibrugarh University M.Com Previous Year Syllabus (DODL)
Subject: Business environment
Course No.COM -101

Block-I: introduction to business Environment 

Units i: Business Environment-Basics: Objective, introduction, concept of business Environment, significance   of business Environment, Indian business Environment, Government and Business.

Unit-ii: Indian Economy: an overview: Objectives, Introduction, State of Indian Economy Economics indicators, External Indicators, Foreign investments & India. The  progressive  features of Indian  Economy :Sectoral  overview, Indian  Financial System, Development  Strategy  in India : Indian’s approach in the  new millennium, the  present day  world, Indian public policies.

Block-2:  Government Controls and MNCs

Unit-I: controls and Industrial policies: Objectives, Introduction, controls under planning, prices controls, and Industrial policies.

Unit-II: MNCs and MRTP Act: Objectives, Introduction, Scenario of MNC’s in India, MRTP Act, Restrictive trade practices, powers of the commission, Remedies under the Act.

Block -3: Policies and Mobilization of Resources

Unit-I: Monetary and Price in Developing country: Objective, introduction , Monetary policy-meaning, Indian  Monetary policy, Features, monetary Growth, credit policy, price policy  in developing   economy.

Unit-II: Mobilization of Resources: Objectives, Introduction ,Mobilization of  Resources  through  Fiscal  policy, Fiscal policy-meaning, Types  of  Fiscal policy, Expenditure  and  Taxation, Borrowing ,economic,& monetary effects. Indian  scenario  mobilization  of   Resources through Taxation, Containment of  current  expenditure, Consequences of  public  borrowing, public Enterprise saving, Central Government public  Enterprise, state  government public  Enterprise, Household  saving  behaviors, changing  Structure  of  private  savings, policy incentives for  private saving.

Block-4: Consumers Protection, capital market & foreign Trade

Unit-I: consumer’s protection: Objectives, Introduction ,consumers protection, Introduction and Definition, objects  of consumers  protection Act, definition  of  different  terms  under  the  Act, Redressal  machinery under  the Act, Important cases, consumer  rights  and  responsibilities.       

Unit-II: Indian capital market: Objectives, Introduction, Indian capital market-evaluation, Indian stock Exchange, Institutional Investors, and other issues.

Unit –III:  Direction of Indian Foreign Trade: Objectives, Introduction, trends  in  India’s  Foreign Trade, Trend  in India ‘s foreign  Trade, Recent Trend , Foreign Exchange  management  Act , regulation and  management of  foreign  Exchange .

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101 - Business Environment 

102 - Organisational Behaviour and Theory

103 - Cost and Management Accounting

104 - Entrepreneurship Development

105 - Managerial Economics

106 - Strategic Management

Block-5: Structural Reforms and ITS Revolution

Unit-I: Structural Reforms: Objectives ,introduction, Structural  reforms in Indian economy, Impact  on Terms of trade  and  prices, Impact  on  Household  Income, poverty  and  Food  security, India’s  foreign  policy(Globalization and  Trade Promotion).

Unit-II: IT’S Revolution: Objectives ,Introduction ,globalization, Indian  stand in terms of Global Integration,  Digital cash, E-commerce, Impact  of  Globalization  WTO etc.