Dibrugarh University - Indian Financial System (2012 - Old Course)

1. (a) Discuss about the characteristics and functions of Indian financial System.  14
(b) Discuss the importance of regulators to make financial system of a country stronger.  14

2. (a) Discuss about banking sector reforms taking place during the post economic liberalization period in our country. 14
(b) Write short notes on:  7+7=14
(i) Assets structure of commercial bank
(ii) Rural Banking system

3. (a) Discuss about constitution and management of the Reserve bank of India. 14
(b) Discuss about any two financial instruments of Indian money market. 7+7=14

4. (a) Discuss about the functions of securities and Exchange board of India (SEBI).  14
(b) Write short notes on:
(i) Merchant Bank
(ii) Capital Market

5. (a) Discuss the role of development banks in the context of present economic system of India.  14
(b) Write short notes on:   7+7=14
(i) ICICI Bank
(ii) IDBI Bank