UGCNET - Commerce 08 (June' 2007) - Paper II | UGC NET Solved Papers Commerce


Note : This paper contains fifty (50) objective-type questions, each question carrying two (2) marks.  Attempt all of them.

1. Small and Medium Enterprise is one which has investment in plant and machinery not exceeding :
(A) Rs. 10 crore (B) Rs. 1 crore
(C) Rs. 50 lakhs (D) Rs. 5 crore

2. FEMA signifies :
(A) Free Export Management Act
(B) Foreign Exchange Management Act
(C) Foreign Exchange Monitoring Act
(D) Free Export Marketing Act

3. Planning commission proposed to target ______ percent yearly growth rate during the 11th Five-year plan.
(A) 8 percent (B) 9 percent (C) 10 percent (D) 8.5 percent

4. The market for long-term loanable funds is a :
(A) Money Market (B) Capital Market
(C) Bond Market (D) None of the above

5. The pre-liberalisation era of Indian economy was under the grip of :
(A) Unemployment
(B) Under-employment
(C) Fiscal Deficit
(D) Unfavourable and alarming balance of payments

6. Insurance expense paid to bring the machine from the place of purchase to the place of installation is :
(A) Capital Expenditure (B) Revenue Expenditure
(C) Deferred Revenue Expenditure (D) None of the above

7. Which financial statement can be compared with a still photograph ?
(A) Income statement (B) Balance sheet
(C) Cash - Flow statement (D) Funds - Flow statement

8. The working capital ratio is :
(A) Working Capital / Sales
(B) Working Capital / Total Assets
(C) Current Assets / Sales
(D) Current Assets / Current Liabilities

9. An investment centre can be evaluated by :
(A) Profit (B) Return on sales
(C) ROI (D) None of the above

10. Which cost is taken into consideration for “make or buy” decisions ?
(A) Prime cost (B) Total cost
(C) Cost of production (D) Relevant cost

11. Which of the following is not the feature of monopolistic competition ?
(A) Fairly large number of firms
(B) Co-existence of efficient and inefficient firms
(C) Product homogeneity
(D) Independent price-output policy

12. Which of the following is not a condition for successful price-discrimination ?
(A) Different elasticity of demand for different consumers
(B) Seller should be an MNC
(C) Location of markets at distant places
(D) Consumers ignorance and prejudices

13. Which of the following does not influence the individual demand for a product ?
(A) Price of product
(B) Price of close substitute
(C) State of production technology
(D) Change in climatic conditions

14. What is the nature of Elasticity of Demand for luxury items like high-class furniture’s ?
(A) Unit elastic (B) Highly elastic
(C) Fairly elastic (D) Zero elastic

15. The % change in demand for a product A divided by the % change in price of product B indicates the degree of :
(A) Price Elasticity of Demand
(B) Cross Elasticity of Demand
(C) Income Elasticity of Demand
(D) Advertising Elasticity of Demand

16. t-test is a :
(A) Parametric Test (B) Non - parametric Test
(C) Large sample test (D) None of the above

17. The causal relationship is indicated by :
(A) Correlation (B) Regression
(C) Association (D) None of the above

18. Systematic sampling belongs to :
(A) Quota sampling (B) Non-probability sampling
(C) Probability sampling (D) None of the above

19. Match the items from List - I with the items in List - II :
                                List - I List - II
(a) Chi-square test (i) Secondary data
(b) Annual Reports of companies (ii) Information system
(c) Multi-variate (iii) Hypothesis testing
(d) Data processing (iv) Factor analysis
Codes :
      (a) (b) (c) (d)
(A) (iv) (ii) (i) (iii)
(B) (iii) (i) (iv) (ii)
(C) (iii) (iv) (i) (ii)
(D) (iv) (i) (iii) (ii)

20. E - Commerce relates to :
(A) B - to - B (B) C - to - C
(C) B - to - C (D) All of the above

21. Who is the father of principles of management ?
(A) Fleming (B) Bavnard
(C) F.W. Taylor (D) Henry Fayol

22. What is M.B.O. ?
(A) Management by Organization (B) Multiple Business Organization
(C) Management by Objectives (D) Multiplicity of Business Operations

23. The tool adopted to change corporate culture is :
(A) Managerial Grid (B) Hierarchy
(C) Span of Control (D) Seven .s. Framework

24. What does Maslow Theory of Motivation convey to management ?
(A) Satisfied need is a motivator
(B) Satisfied need is no more a motivator
(C) Needs are not motivators
(D) Needs need not be considered

25. Ethics is derived from :
(A) Bible (B) Bhagabat Geetha
(C) Quoran (D) From all of the above

26. Who propounded 4Ps of marketing ?
(A) Philip Kotler (B) Kelker
(C) McAurthy (D) Peter F. Drucker

27. What is cognitive dissonance ?
(A) Buying Behaviour (B) Pre-purchase Behaviour
(C) Post-purchase Behaviour (D) Buying indifference

28. Product(s) which defied PLC concept :
(A) Amrutanjan (B) Horlicks
(C) Hairpins (D) All of the above

29. Skimming price relates to :
(A) Charging competitive price (B) Charging high initial price
(C) Charging low initial price (D) None of the above

30. Promotion-mix includes :
(A) Advertising and personal selling (B) Personal promotion
(C) Product improvement (D) None of the above

31. Cost of capital does not mean :
(A) Cut off rate decided by management
(B) Rate of interest
(C) Expectations of investors for dividend
(D) Money paid to SEBI for permission to acquire capital

32. Financial Leverage is intended to :
(A) Increase return on capital employed
(B) Increase net equity return
(C) Decrease volatility in return
(D) Increase return on capital employed and net equity

33. Budget which is directed towards long-term strategic goals is known as :
(A) Zero - base Budget (B) Capital Budget
(C) Rolling Budget (D) Master Budget

34. Which of the following is not very much relevant in dividend decision ?
(A) Availability of disposable profit
(B) Investors. expectations for dividend
(C) Capital market conditions
(D) Industry practice

35. Which of the following is not an application of working capital ?
(A) Day - to - day expenditure of business
(B) Current obligations for payment
(C) Expenditure in the usual course of business
(D) Expenditure to acquire capital

36. Human Resource Management emphasises :
(A) Development of people (B) Punishment of people
(C) Adoption of people (D) None of the above

37. Induction means :
(A) Training (B) Promotion
(C) Incentives (D) Introduction

38. Workers participation in management in any organization is :
(A) Voluntary (B) Institutional
(C) Democratic (D) All of the above

39. Employee morale relates to :
(A) Productivity (B) Attitude (C) Empathy (D) Skills

40. Glass ceiling relates to :
(A) Ergonomics (B) Gender Bias
(C) Recruitment (D) Promotion

41. Which bank was incorporated as one of the public sector banks in India during 2004 - 05.
(A) ICICI Bank Ltd (B) Yes Bank Ltd
(C) IDBI Bank Ltd (D) UTI Bank Ltd

42. The short-term money market comprises :
(A) The call money market
(B) The inter-bank deposit market
(C) The bills re-discounting market
(D) All of the above

43. Annual Report on Currency and Finance is published by :
(C) Ministry of Finance (D) None of the above

44. Bank deposit refers to :
(A) The amount of money standing to the credit of a customer of a bank
(B) A term used by the Federal Reserve to refer to the total deposits of member banks
(C) The amount of money standing to the debit of a customer of a bank
(D) All of the above

45. Which of the following is the latest buzzword among bankers ?
(A) Social Banking (B) Financial inclusion
(C) Mass Banking (D) None of the above

46. The balance of payments account is conventionally divided into :
(A) Current Account and Capital Account
(B) Visible Account and Invisible Account
(C) Long-term Capital Account and Short-term Capital Account
(D) None of the above

47. What is Euro - III ?
(A) European Currency (B) Group of European Countries
(C) European Film Festival (D) Pollution Control Scale

48. The Comparative Cost Theory of International Trade was developed by :
(A) David Ricardo (B) Haberlar
(C) Adam Smith (D) Alfred Marshal

49. Which institution is known as the .soft loan window. of World Bank ?
(C) IDA (D) None of the above

50. The 21st member to join the G - 20 is :
(A) Sri Lanka (B) Uzbekistan
(C) Myanmar (D) Uruguay