Dibrugarh University Question Paper - Business Environment (Nov' 2012)

2012 (November)
Commerce (General/Speciality)
Course: 101
Full Marks: 80
Time: 3 Hours
1.Answer as directed:
(a) Mention any one of the components of Indian Business Environment.
(b) There is no difference between Business Environment and Economic Environment.(state True or False)
(c) In which year was the WTO set up?
(d) Write the full form of SEZ.
(e) Write the full form of MFN.
(f) In which year was the International Monetary Fund (IMF) established?
(g) India was the one of the founder members of the World Trade Organization.(state True or False)
(h) Money Market deals in ___funds.(fill in the blanks)

2.Write short notes on:
(a) Internal factors of business environment
(b) Chief characteristics of New Industrial Policy, 1991 of India
(c) International Monetary Fund (IMF)
(d) Major defects of Indian capital market

3. (a) What do you mean by Business Environment? Discuss the nature of business environment.
(b) What is SWOT analysis? Describe the importance of SWOT analysis.

4. (a) Discuss the cause of industrial sickness with reference to North-East India.
 (b) What do you mean by Economic Growth? Explain the main hindrances of economic growth of India.

5. (a)Explain the concept of Privatization. Discuss its advantages and disadvantages.
(b) Discuss about Govt of India’s Industrial Policy, 2007 for North-East India. How far has North-East India been benefited from the Industrial Policy, 2007?

6. (a) Discuss the role played by the capital market in the economic development of a country.
(b) What is money market? Explain the functions of money market.

7. (a) Write a note on Internal Business Environment’.
(b) Discuss the impact of globalization on Indian trade and industry.