Dibrugarh University - IT and Its Application in Business (2012' Old Course)

1.  (a) what is meant by information Technology? Evaluate its impact on today’s business environment.
(b) Discuss in detail the importance and needs of information. What are the various sources of information?

2.  (a) what is binary system? Critically argue the usage of binary number in computer data representation. What are the different conversion codes used in computer?
(b) what is meant by computer hardware? Write a note on the generation wise development in the field of computer hardware and software.

3 . (a) what is system system software? Describe in detail the various system software used in computer.
(b) Describe in detail the guided and unguided transmission  media used in computer network.

4.  (a) Discuss with example the various features available in MS- Access.
(b) write a short  note (any two)
(i) DBMS Internals
(ii) Indexing Data

5.  (a) What is meant by EDI? Discuss in detail the application and advantage of EDI.
(b) explain the terms Internet,  Internet and Extranet. Write a note on usage of Internet on the present-day world.