ITAB | Information Technology and Its Application in Business Question Papers November' 2012 | B.Com (Non CBCS)

Information Technology and Its Application in Business

2012 (November)


Course: 304: Information Technology and Its Application in Business)

Full Marks: 80

Pass Marks: 24

The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions.

1. (a) state True or false : 1*4=4
(i) Operating system is application software.
(ii) Number of tuples in a relation is known as cardinality.
(iii) RAM is nonvolatile in nature.
(iv) Scanner is an input device.

(b) Write the full form of the following: 4
(i) DOS
(ii) DBMS
(iv) EPROM

2. Write briefly on: 4*4 = 16
(a) Linking of Data file
(b) Worksheet
(c) Spell check function
(d) Compiler and interpreter

3.  (a) What is meant by information Technology? Discuss the basic features of IT. 3+8=11
(b) What are different components of IT? Discuss the impact of IT on business environment.

4. (a) state the relationship between hardware and software. Discuss the function of the utility software. 3+8=11
    (b) what is EDI ? Write a detailed note on the EDI standards.

5.  (a) What is meant by word processing ? write steps for performing the following in MS-Word: 2+(3*3)=11
(i) Cutting, copying and Pasting
(ii) Using Bullets and Numbering in a document
(iii) Justification of Text
(b) Discuss the importance of Ms- Access in business. 11

6.  (a) (i) state the difference between formulas and functions in MS- Excel.  3+4+4=11
(ii) Explain the Autosum feature of MS- Excel with an example.
(iii) Write the steps of using find and Replace function in MS-Excel.
(b) Write a detailed note on Ms- Excel and its application in business . 11

7.  (a) “Tally has changed the accounting process of business sector” Do you agree? Explain with reasons. 12
(b) what is meant by protocol? Discuss different protocols used in Internet. 2+10=12