Dibrugarh University (M.Com - Distance) - Human Resource Development (Nov - Dec' 2010)

1.  (a) Discuss the difference between HRM and Personnel  Management. Why HRM is considered as process of evolution? Explain.
(b) Discuss the changing role of Human Resource Management after globalization.

2.  (a) Discuss the process of selection with a suitable model.
(b) “Training and development is a function of HRM, attaining competency level is a subject matter of HRD.” Do you agree with the statement? ?justify.

3.  (a) Discuss the merits and demerits of different types of wage payments.
(b) Do you think ‘seniority’ should be the beach mark for promotion of ‘performance”? Justify with arguments.

4.  (a) Discuss the suitable managerial technique that you would like to design to increase the motivation level of a set of heterogeneous group of employees.
(b) Critically argue the role of personality in an effective communication.

5.  (a) Discuss the suitable process to maintain personnel records and statistics thereof in an organization having large number of Blue collar employees.
(b) What is HR Audit? Do you think that HR Audit is more effective than that of Audit of Financial Resources? Justify.