Dibrugarh University (M.Com - Distance) - Human Resource Management (Nov - Dec' 2009)

1.       (a) Critically evaluate the evaluation of HRM as management science.
(b) Critically evaluate the changing role of HRM.

2.       (a) Discuss the process of manpower planning.
(b) Discuss the process of employees’ training.

3.       (a) Justify the role of HR manager in developing a good wage plan.
(b) Justify the role of peer members in appraising an employee under different performance appraisal methods.

4.       (a) Critically argue the application of different motivation theories in practice.
(b) Critically argue the role of perception and attitudes in an effective communication.

5.       (a) Explain the process of Personal Research with examples.

(b) Explain the process of audit of personnel management programmes.