Dibrugarh University (M.Com - Distance) - Financial Services (Nov - Dec' 2009)

1.       (a) Define Merchant Bankers. Discuss their functions and responsibilities in the Capital Market.
(b) Discuss about Portfolio Management procedure and strategy to be adopted by portfolio Managers.

2.       Write short notes on (any one)
Ø  Code of conduct of Merchant Bankers in India.
Ø  Pricing of Issues.

3.       (a) What do you understand by Mutual Funds? Discuss the benefits of Mutual Funds to the investors.
(b) Discuss the progress made by mutual Funds institutions in mobilizing saving of the small investors in our country during post liberalization period.

4.       (a) What is Venture Capital ? Who can provide venture capital services? Discuss in brief the functions of Venture Capital Institutions in India.
(b) Discuss in brief the regulatory provisions that are to be followed by Venture Capital Institutions in our country.

5.       (a) What is lease agreement / Discuss about the contents of a lease agreement.
(b) Mention different types of lease agreement. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of lease finance.

6.       (a) What is Credit rating? Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Credit rating.
(b) Write short notes on:
Ø  Credit Rating and Information Services of India (CRISIL)
Ø  Investment Information and Credit Rating Agency of India (ICRA)

7.       Write explanatory notes on (any two)
Ø  International Financial Instruments
Ø  Drawbacks of foreign capital
Ø  External commercial borrowing

Ø  Foreign Collaboration.