Dibrugarh University (1st Semester) - Business Communication (Non CBCS) Important Questions and Answers for Upcoming Exams

Business Communication I Important Questions for Upcoming Exams

Unit 1

Q. Explain what do you understand by the term Communication. State the nature and objectives of communication. Briefly describe the process of Communication.

Q. "Communication is an essential for a business concern as blood and breathing is for life.” Do you agree? Explain the reasons for growing importance of communication.

Q. Explain the basic forms of communication. What are the various levels at which communication takes place?

Q. What is Feed Back? Explain briefly the importance of feedback in communication process.

Q. How Communication is made effective? State and explain the various principles of effective communication.

Q. What is Audience Analysis? What are the different types of audiences on which audience analysis is based? Explain the role of audience analysis in communication.

Q. Write short notes on:

Ø  Shannon and Weaver Model (First model of Communication)

Ø  David Berlo Model of Communication

Q. Distinguish between:

Ø  Communication and Effective Communication

Ø  Verbal and Non-verbal Communication

Ø  Interpersonal and Intrapersonal Communication


Unit 2

Q. What is corporation communication? What are its various types? Explain them briefly.

Q. What do you mean by Formal Communication? What are its various types? Discuss its advantages and disadvantages.

Q. What do you mean by Informal Communication or Grapevine? What are its various types? Discuss its advantages and disadvantages.

Q. Distinguish between formal and informal communication. How can informal communication be effectively used?

Q. What are various barriers to communication? How can these barriers be overcome?

Q. What do you mean by communication networks? What are its features and types?


Unit 3

Q. Explain the concept of Individual and Group presentations. Distinguish between Individual and Group presentations.

Q. What is Group discussion? Explain its significance in recruitment process. Give some tips for meritorious performance in a group discussion.

Q. How can the following help in developing effective communication skills (Meaning and Importance)?

Ø  Mock interview

Ø  Seminar 

Q. Write short notes on:

Ø  Effective listening exercises

Ø  Mock interview

Ø  Seminars

Unit 4

Q. Draft letters or Memo: (Follow previous year’s question papers) 100%

Q. What are the stages in writing a business letter? What are the essential qualities of a good business letter?   Write a note on the various purposes for which a business letter is written.                                              

Q. What is a sales letter? What are the advantages of sending a sales letter?

Q. What is a Request letter? What are the points to be borne in mind while writing request letter? Explain its importance.

Q. What is memo? What are its uses? How it is different from business letter?

Q. What is collection letters? Write briefly on the stages and nature of collection letter for nonpayment.

Q. Write short notes on:

Ø  Persuasive letters

Ø  Role of office memorandum

Ø  Good news letters

Ø  Bad news letters

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