Dibrugarh University (3rd Semester) - Human Resource Management important Questions for Upcoming Exam

Human Resource Important Question for Upcoming Exam
Dibrugarh University Important Questions

Unit – 1: Nature and Scope of HRM

Q.1. What do you mean by Human Resource Management? Explain its functions. 2012, 2015

Q.2. Explain the significance of Human Resource Management in modern business enterprises.              2012, 13, 14, 16

Q.3. Explain briefly various objectives of Human Resource Management. State its limitations.  2017, 2018

Q.4. Explain the nature (2018) and Scope of Human Resource Management.                      2016

Q.5. Write a brief note on evaluation and development of Human Resource Management.         2013, 14, 15, 18

Q.6. What do you mean by Personnel Management? Distinguish between:

Ø  Human resource Management and Human Resource Development                    2017

Ø  Human Resource Management and Personnel Management        2012

Unit – 2: Human Resource Planning

Q.1. What is Human Resource Planning? What are its Features? Mention its objectives.                2012, 2018SN,

Q.2. Explain the importance of Human Resource planning in a modern business organisation? What are the factors affecting Human Resource Planning?   2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

Q.3. Explain the Steps involved in Human resource planning.

Q.4. What are the benefits and limitations of Human Resource Planning? How Human resource planning is made effective?                2013, 2017

Q.5. What is Job Analysis? Explain the significance of Job analysis.                 2016

Q.6. What do you understand by job analysis? What are its objectives? Explain the process of Job analysis is a large business organisation.                2012, 2014, 2018

Q.7. What is Job Design? Explain its various techniques.                      2015

Q.8. Distinguish between:

Ø  Job analysis and Job evaluation

Ø  Job Enlargement and Job Enrichment 2018SN

Unit – 3: Recruitment and Selection

Q.1. What do you mean by recruitment? What are the problems faced by an organisation in Recruitment Process? 2013, 2017

Q.2. Write a brief note on Internal and External Sources of Recruitment.     2012, 2014, 2016, 2018

Q.3. What are the stages though which recruitment process passes? What are the essential elements of a Good Recruitment Policy?

Q.4. What do you mean by Selection Process? Discuss various steps involved in the selection of personnel. 2013, 2017

Q.5. What purposes does Selection Served? Explain the importance of scientific selection in the management of an organisation.               2012, 2014

Q.6. Write short notes on:

Ø  Recruitment vs. Selection                                 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018

Ø  Placement Vs Induction

Ø  Inductive Training in India                     2018

Unit 4

Part – A: Employees Training

Q.1. What is executive development and Organisation development? Explain the need and importance of executive development.                 2013

Q.2. Explain various methods of executive and organisational development.          2016, 2017, 2018

Q.3. Define Training. What are the objectives of Training? Why it is necessary?   2015, 2017

Q.4. What are the various steps in a training Programme? How it can be made effective? 2014, 2016, 2018

Q.5. Explain briefly the general methods of training.                            2013

Part – B: Compensation Management

Q.1. What do you mean by Compensation Management? Explain its objectives.                2012

Q.2. Explain the importance of compensation management. What are the factors which affect compensation of employees in an industrial organisation?                  2016

Q.3. What are various types of financial and non financial Incentive Plan? Mention the merits and Limitations of incentive plans in India.                             2013, 2015, 2018SN

Q.4. Explain the concept of employee’s benefits. Discuss the importance of incentives and employees benefits measures in motivating employees.                             2012