Principle of Business Management May' 2013 | Dibrugarh University (2nd Semester)

[Principles of Business Management, Dibrugarh University, B.Com 2nd Sem, Question Papers, Semester Exam, May' 2013]

2013 (May)
Commerce (General/Speciality)
Course Code: 204
Time: 3 Hours
Maximum Marks: 80
1. Match the following:
(i)            Management is what                                                               (a) Alford and Beatty
(ii)          Management means decision making                                       (b) F.W Taylor
(iii)         Management means gettig things done throgh others people     (c) Henry Fayol
(iv)        Father of scientific management                                               (d) Ross Moore
(v)          Planning is the thinking process                                     (e) American Management Association
(vi)        Esprit De Corps                                                                     (f) Louis allen
(vii)       Establishing standards                                                            (g) Douglas McGregor
(viii)     The human side of interprise                                                   (h) Step of control process

2. Write short notes any four:
a)      Levels of management
b)      Spane of management
c)       Management by objectives
d)      Advantages of control
e)      Herzberg theory of motivation

3.  (a) Discuss the contribution of FW Taylor to the growth of management thoughts. 
(b) Describe the contingent approach of management.
4.  (a) Describe Planning. Discuss the process of planning in detail.
(b)Discuss the various steps involved in the decision-making process.
5.  (a) What do you understand by formal and informal organization? Distinguish between the two.
(b)What do you mean by departmentation? Briefly discuss the different methods of departmentation.
6. (a) What is motivation? Write about its importance.
(b) “Leadership is a dynamic and continious process.” Discuss.
7. (a) Explain the effective requirements of an effective control system.  

(b) Discuss the importmance of ‘budget and budgetary control’ as a technique of managerial control.

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