ITPB | Information Technology Practices in Business Question Papers November' 2013 | B.Com (Non CBCS)

Information Technology Practices In Business

2013 (November)


Course: 304: Information Technology Practices In Business)

Full Marks: 80

Pass Marks: 24

The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions.

1.       (a) Write the full form of the followings:-
(i)      EDP
(ii)    EPROM
(iii)   EDI
(iv)  EBCDIC
           (b) Answer the following:-
(i)      What is meant by cell?
(ii)    What is meant by computer program?
(iii)   What is internet?
(iv)   What are the components of Information Technology?

2.       Write briefly on:-
(i)      Computer memory
(ii)    Software
(iii)   Compiler and Interpreter
(iv)  ASCII

3.       (a) What is meant by information revolution? Discuss about the roles played by Information Technology in today’s business.
(b) What is meant by Information Technology? What are its features? Discuss

4.       (a) What is meant by media convergence? Discuss the importance of media convergence in business?
(b) Discuss about some of the tools of It and their roles in the growth of today’s business society.

5.       (a)  (i) Convert (26) into its binary equivalent.
                (ii) Convert (11011.01) into decimal equivalent.
                (iii) (645) Convert into its decimal equivalent.
    (iv)What are the different number systems we have? Critically argue on the usage f binary numbers for representation of data in computers.  

(b)(i) What is meant by computer generation?  Describe the features of fifth-generation computer
(ii) Describe the different components of computer giving a block diagram.

6.       (a) (i) Differentiate between hardware and software.
                 (ii) Discuss about different types of software.
                 (iii) Explain the functions of operating system.
             (b) (i) Discuss about the different types of programming  languages.
                  (ii) Explain the functions of utility software.

7.       (a) What is meant by EDI? Explain how EDI works. Discuss the advantages of using EDI. 
(b) (i) What is meant by computer network? Explain the different data transmission modes.
(ii) Discuss briefly about the growth of Internet.


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