Dibrugarh University Question Paper - Alternative English – Commerce (Nov'2012)

2012 (November)
Course: 302
Full Marks: 80
Pass Marks: 32
Time: 3 Hours
Section – A (Business Communication)
1. (a) Write a letter to the railway authorities complaining that your furniture has been damaged in transit. Ask for a proper adjustment.                                                       8
(b) You are the head of a newly opened branch of your company in a metropolitan city. Write a letter to your prospective customers introducing your company and the product range.

2. Write an essay on any one of the following topics:                       10
(a) Advertisement – its uses and misuses
(b) Population and Mankind
(c) Global warming
(d) Social Networking

3. As a labour welfare officer, you have been asked by the board of directors to investigate the causes of frequent strikes by the workers. Draft a report.                                  8
(b) What is business report? What are the important factors to be considered while drafting a business report?

4. Write an informative composition on the growth of universities and colleges in India. All your facts must be based on your study of the following table:                             6
University/University – level Institutions
Sources: Reports of the UGC

5. (a) What is memo? For what purposes are memo used?                           4
(b) You are the Managing Director of ABC Limited. Draft a memo to the customer relations officer for not attending to a customer’s complaint.                                   4

Section – B (Prose)

6. Answer any four of the following questions:                  1x4=4
(a) What is the watchword of tamasic men and tamasic states of society?
(b) Complete the sentence form J. Krishnamurthy’s the Function of Education: “Surely, life is not merely a job, an ____________________.
(c) Which was Satyajit Ray’s third film?
(d) Who was the coach for the Worcester Team?
(e) Which newspaper did Naipaul’s father work for?
(f) What kind of books weighed heaviest in the bookshelves in Amitav Ghosh’s grandfather’s house?

7. Answer the following questions in brief:                          2x4=8
(a) What is intelligence, according to Krishnamurthy?
(b) What were the two questions frequently asked to Ray by the Interviewers?
(c) In Playgrounds, what kind of a bowler was the boy’s father?
(d) Why was it unusual for Naipaul’s father to be a journalist?

8. Answer any two of the following:                        7x2=14
(a) “The attitude of mankind towards originality of opinion is marked by a natural hesitation and inconsistency.” Explain the relevance of the statement on the basis of your reading of Sri Aurobindo’s On Original Thinking.
(b) What is the function of education, according to Krishnamurthy?
(c) Describe Satyajit Ray’s experiences as a filmmaker.

9. Answer any two of the following questions:                   7x2=14
(a) What, according to Amitav Ghosh, guided his uncle’s selection of books?
(b) Give an account of Naipaul’s house at Chaguanas. Why does the author say that he neither liked nor disliked living there?
(c) In Playgrounds, how does the writer point out that there is an embarrassing qualification to all his father’s achievement?


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