Dibrugarh University Question Papers - Alternative English – Commerce (Nov' 2013)

2013 (November)
Course: 302
Full Marks: 80
Pass Marks: 32
Time: 3 Hours

Section – A (Business Communication)
1. (a) Write a letter to Modern Publishers Ltd., New Delhi asking for a copy of their latest catalogue and price list. State that you propose to stock books for sale. Ask for their best terms of sale.                                      8
(b) Write a letter of complaint to Messer’s Sharma & Co., G.S. Road, Guwahati cancelling an order of goods that does not conform to the sample submitted by the firm previously.

2. Write an essay on any one of the topics given below:                                 10
(a) Globalization and its effect on Indian Economy
(b) How safe are women in India?
(c) Internet
(d) Importance of Games and Sports

3. (a) What is a business report? Explain the requisites of a good business report.                             2+6=8


(b) As a chairperson of a committee appointed by ABC India Ltd., draft a report on the declining sales of the company’s products with suggestions to overcome the same.                                                           8

4. Write a paragraph by making comparative analysis on the growth of population in India using the facts given in the table below:                                  6
Males (in Crores)
Females (in crores)
Total Population (in Crores)
Sources: Census of India, relevant years (figures have been rounded off).

5. (a) What is a memo? How does it differ from a business letter?                             4
(b) Draft a memo to an employee asking for an explanation for going on leave without prior permission.

Section – B (Prose)

6. Answer any four of the following questions:                  1x4=4

(a) How, according to Aurobindo, can we hope to survive as a nation?
(b) Write, in one sentence, the function of education after krishnamurti.
(c) Which was Satyajit Ray’s first film?
(d) Which cricket team did the boy’s father play for as mentioned by Coetzee in Playground?
(e) How had the Indians come to settle Trinidad?
(f) Which city, according to Amitav Ghosh, is an oddly bookish city?

7. Answer any four of the following questions in brief:                   2x4=8
(a) Name the qualities for which original thinking is admired and at the same time dreaded, ridiculed and feared.
(b) What kind of world is it that we are being educated to fit into?
(c) Name the three filmmakers who influenced Ray in his work.
(d) What method did the boy’s father use as a bowler?
(e) Why does Naipaul think that getting the “Guardian” was a privilege?
(f) Who was Mya than Tint and when did Amitav Ghosh first meet him?

8. Answer any two of the following:                        7x2=14
(a) How, according to Aurobindo, can the youth of India save the country?
(b) Why does Krishnamurti say that it is important to grow up in an environment without fear?
(c) What are the significant lessons Ray learnt while shooting?

9. Answer any two of the following:                        7x2=14
(a) How does J.M. Coetzee describe the boy’s feelings and experiences when he first plays on a proper cricket field?
(b) Give your impression about V.S. Naipaul’s understanding of his father.
(c) Describe the “Odd assortment of books” in the shelves of Amitav Ghosh’s uncle.

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