Dibrugarh University (M.Com - Distance) - Financial Management (Nov - Dec' 2012)

2012 (November – December)

Paper: 201

Marks: 80

Time: 3 Hours

1. (a) Give the meaning and definition of financial management. Explain, in brief, the functions of financial management.                                6+10=16


(b) Discuss the traditional concept of finance as well as the modern concept of finance. In what respects, the  modern concept of finance differ from the traditional concept?                  10+6=16

2. (a) State how the financial statements is useful for financial planning. Give a few example in support of your answer.             10+6


(b)Write explanatory notes on :

(1) Ratio analysis and
(2) Dupont system of financial analysis.

3.(a) Explain the advantages and disadvantages of equity shares as a source of long term finance of companies.                16


(b) make a comparison between debentures and term loan as source of long term finance of companies.            16

4.(a) discuss, in brief, the features of bank credit. Narrate the advantages of bank credit as a source of short term finance.                                    6+10


(b) Describe the advantages of secured borrowing and unsecured borrowing as a source of short term finance.     8+8

5. (a) Critically analyse the recent trend in global derivatives market.           16


(b) Explain the structure of derivatives market in India.                                  16

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