Dibrugarh University Question Papers - International Business (May' 2014)

2014 (May)
Course: 602
(International Business)
Full Marks: 80
Pass Marks: 32
Time: 3 hours

1.       Write the full form of the following:    8
(a)    BOT
(b)   DGFT
(c)    MFN
(d)   EPZ
(e)   SAARC
(f)     SEZ
(g)    DEBP
(h)   FOB

2.       WRITE SHORT NOTES ON :    4*4=16
(a)    Bilateral Treaty
(b)   Export-oriented units
(c)    Deferred payment system
(d)   Export credit insurance

3.       (a) Discuss the trend of India’s foreign trade from 2001 to 2010.                                 12

(b) Discuss the growth of India’s foreign trade in the context of global foreign trade.                       12

4.       (a) write a detailed note on the foreign exchange control in India.    11


(b) Critically analyze the performance of India’s foreign Trade policies after liberalization of the economy.  11

5.       (a) Discuss the various export incentives offered by Indian Government for promotion of export. Do you think these are adequate? Justify your answer.                   7+4=11


(b) Discuss the role of commercial banks in foreign trade.                                             11

6.       (a) Examine the role of state trading organizations in the context of India’s export promotion.     11


(b) Discuss the role of DDFT office in promoting export in india.                                      11

           7.       (a) How does multilateral agreement help in promoting foreign trade? Explain with the help of suitable example.


(b) Write a note on ‘Indian Joint Venture in foreign countries’.                                            11

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