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Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Resume - Features and Proforma

Resume and Its Essential features:
A resume is a selective record of one’s professional and educational achievements like formal education, work experience, qualification, and abilities and so on. While defining resume Pauley and Riordan write: “your resume is a one-page document that summarizes your skills, experiences and qualification for a position in your field”. Often the term like curriculum vitae and bio-data are used synonymously for resume. The word bio-data refers to biographical details of somebody. It may include information about one’s background, educational qualifications, skills, abilities, hobbies, interests and other particulars of the like nature where a resume refers precisely y to one’s professional skills and educational qualifications, work experience and other relevant information which justify one’s claim to a job in question. It highlights a person’s fitness or suitability for a job he/she is seeking for.
Essential features of a powerful resume: Here are some essential features of a good resume:
1.       Well organized: It should be well organized and integrated to present one’s career aspirations in the field, and showing interest in the offer, as a part of accomplishment of long term career objective.
2.       Short and Precise: It should be written in short sentences and Paragraphs.
3.       Unique: Giving generalized details won't help much. By creating a unique resume dealing with organization specific requirements, one can attract employer’s attention. It needs to cover all remarkable academic achievements to create an extra advantage.
4.       Authentic and realizable: It is disastrous to give imaginative or highly unrealistic details. One must offer relevant and realizable things to figure out his skills in the field to provide effective and efficient services. Thus, while building resume it is necessary to be realistic and concrete.

5.       Justifiable: Resume should be clear and justifiable, covering essential details about work excellence, and internship projects completed. For example, if you are applying for customer service position, you can go through customer service resume objective examples to design the most effective objective, showcasing your talent at handling customer service and customer relationship management functions.
6.       Crispy and attractive: One should Create a resume to cover his internship experiences at dealing with relevant functions, and build effective coordination between his career aspirations and the field requirements.
7.       Professional: It should be reflecting one’s professional attitude to solve the work associated queries and problems. Hence, it is necessary to incorporate an objective statement, which will satisfy the employer's interest.
8.       Avoid unnecessary Information: Any personal information which is not directly related to the job target should not be included.

Job Application – from the study material Delhi university
Drafting an application for employment is important. A letter of application is like a sales letter, because through letters, the applicant tries to sell his services. Everyone has to work for the livelihood. So writing letters of application for a job suitable to one’s own qualifications, in order to sell one’s services to someone in the market for the best price available, is very important. Nowadays, an applicant must realize the severe competitions. Therefore, one should take proper care in writing an application in response to an advertisement. If an applicant fails to catch the attention of the employer through his application, it will find a place only in the waste paper basket.
Structure of the application
  1. Address of the applicant and date.
  2. The name and full address of the employer or the concern.
  3. Salutation.
  4. Body of the application – Introductory Para.
  5. Details of the applicant in Para or para's
  6. Concluding Para
  7. Complimentary close
  8. Enclosures
  9. Signature.

                An advertiser, sometimes, asks the applicants to enclose their complete biodata. The tendency at present is to prepare a biodata of the applicant and send it along with a covering letter. Biodata is a statement showing the name of the applicant, his age, qualifications, experience, reference etc. Such a statement is called “data sheet”, “resume” or “Personal history”. Some organizations have their own prescribed forms designed to their needs. The prescribed application form has to be completed by the applicants and send back to the organizations.
                If you are asked to prepare a biodata, then it should contain: (1) Name and address of the applicant, (2) Age and qualifications, (3) Experiences (4) References (5) Hobbies etc. The biodata is sent along with a covering letter.
See the illustration No. 130
  1. Name                                                                    R.T. Govind Rao
  2. Address:                                                              Plot No. 64,
Nad Post,
Visakapatnam, 530 009
(Phone No. 535372)
  1. Age                                                                        32 years (10.10.1970)
  2. Mother Tongue                                                Telugu
  3. Height                                                                   5’6”
  4. Marital Status                                    Unmarried
  5. Qualification:
1. S.S.I.C.                             Secondary Board (Andhra)                          85%        1986
2. Higher Secondary        Secondary Board (Andhra)                          84%        1988
3. B.Sc. (Computers)       Andhra University                                           85%        1991
4. MBA                                                                                                                 1st Class 1994
    Indian Institute of
    Management, Mumbai
  1. Experience:
1. Marketing Side:           Worked as a Sales Manager for Applied Electronics Ltd.,
                                                Mumbai-400 018 from August 1994 to Sept. 1995
2. Finance Manager: Now working as a Finance Manager Computers (P) Ltd.
  1. Hobbies:              I was a cricked player during my college days.
  2. Language known:                            Speak                    Read                      Write
English                  √                             √                             √
Hindi                                      √                             √                             √
Telugu                  √                             √                             √
Tamil                                     √                             √                             √
  1. Reference:         (1)          Prof. Santosh Kumar
Professor of Commerce,
G.S. College of Commerce,
Visakapatnam. 530 018
                                                (2)          Mr. Mohan
                                                                Managing Director
                                                                Applied Electronics Ltd.
                                                                Mumbai – 400 018
The biodata is normally sent along with a covering letter. The model of covering letter is given below:
With reference to the advertisement in Indian Express Daily of 10th July, inviting applications for the post of Finance Manager, I am sending any biodata for your consideration.
Thanking you,
Yours faithfully
Model 131: Application for the post of Professor
293, C.M.S. Compound
North Civil Lines
Jabalpur (M.P.)
14th April, 2002
The Principal
G.S. College of Arts & Commerce,
Sub: Application for the post of Professor (Com.)
With reference to the advertisement in “The Indian Express” dated the 12th April 2002, I would like to apply for the post of Commerce Professor in your college. Please let me state the biodata of mine herewith:
R.B. Otwani
Place of Birth:
  1. Passed S.S.I.C. in first class from the M.P. Board in 1979
  2. Passed M.Com. in first class in the year 1985 from Jabalpur University.
  3. Passed L.L.B. in first class from Jabalpur University in 1988
Since, 1988 I have been working as a Lecturer in Commerce in St. Thomas College, Gwalior. I have been teaching Mercantile Law, business English, Accountancy and Business Organisation to the Degree classes and Costing to the M.Com. classes.
I am Government approved referee for basked – ball and authorized
M.P. Goalkeeper in football.
I enclose true copies of my documents. Originals will be shown to you at the time of interview.
Salary Expected:
Willing to accept your scale of pay to found in the advertisement.
Thanking you.
Yours faithfully
R.B. Otwani
Model 132: Application for the post of an accountant
246, Bus stand,
23rd March 2002
The Secretary,
Devanga Enterprises,
Ref.: Application for the post of an Accountant.
                With reference to your advertisement in “The Indian Express” of 20th March, 2002. I would like to offer my candidature for the post of an Accountant.
                I passed my B.Com. Examination from Madurai University in first class in the year 1996. I also passed the Account Test conducted by the Government of Tamil Nadu in February 1999.
                I worked as an Accountant for a year in Messrs. Thomas & Co. Virudhnagar and I had to leave the post as the Branch was closed down recently. I have good knowledge of accounts and I can prepare final accounts very easily.
                My age at present is 32 and I possess good spirit and sound health.
                I am enclosing copies of my documents for your ready reference. The originals will be made available as and when required.
                I am willing to accept any reasonable salary, subject to a minimum of Rs. 3,000/- per month.
                I assure you of earnest and enthusiastic work. If I am appointed, I promise to give the utmost satisfaction to my superiors.
Thanking you.
Yours faithfully
K.P. Nair.

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