Dibrugarh University Question Paper: International Business (May' 2015)

2015 (May)
Course: 602
Time: 3 hours
(International Business)
Full Marks: 80
Pass marks: 32
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions

1. Write the full form of the following:                                   1x8=8
(a)    ECGC
(b)   FDI
(c)    EPCG
(d)   SEZ
(e)   FOB
(f)     IIFT
(g)    STC

(h)   EPIP

2.    Write short notes on:                                                             4x4=16
(a)    Export-oriented Units.
(b)   Product Export Development Authorities.
(c)    Multilateral Agreement.
(d)   Export Trading Houses.

3.    (a) Explain the direction of foreign trade of India during last ten years.           12
(b) Write a brief note on Export-Import Policy of India.                                         12

4.    (a) What is exchange control? Explain the objectives of exchange control.         3+8=11
(b) Discuss the characteristics of India’s foreign trade in recent years.                     11

5.    (a) What is deferred payment system? Explain the procedure of export under deferred payments. 3+8=11
(b) Describe the role of Export-Import Bank of India.                                      11

6.    (a) What do you mean by Export processing Zone (EPZ)? Describe the benefits and facilities provided to such zones.                                                                 3+8=11
(b) Discuss the functions of Export Promotion Councils.                                                                 11

7.    (a) Discuss the main features of the current Foreign Investment Policy in India.                         11

(b) Discuss the significance of bilateral agreements in the context of India’s foreign trade.             11