Business Communication - II: Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

Business Communication II – Multiple Choice Questions and Answers
Business Communication – II: Multiple Choice Questions and Answers
1. An Unsolicited proposal is prepared to  - Attract the potential customer.
2. A solicited proposal is prepared to - Meet a specific demand.
3. Sales presentations are made to -  Persuade the buyers to buy their product.
4. Oral presentation are made to – persuade, inform and build goodwill.

5. Training Presentations are made to - Inform.
6. Monologue presentations are made without interruption and at the end the speaker answers the questions of the audience.                            True
7. There are three main elements of nonverbal communication: appearance, body language, and sounds.  True
8. Nonverbal communication relies on Appearance.  True
9. Verbal communication includes both spoken and written language.   True
10. A participant in a group discussion should Listen to the views of others intently.         True
11. Interview is a Formal conversation between the interviewer and the interviewee.
12. A report is a presentation and summation of facts and figures either collated or derived. It is a  logical and coherent structuring of information, ideas and concepts.                 True
13. Presentations are neither goal-oriented nor made with a specific purpose.                   False
14. Kinesics – Body Language, Proxemics – spatial/space language, Para language – Verbal language.
15. In any interview, Knowledge-related areas apart, appearance, body language and temperament of the candidate, too, help create a positive impression.  True
16. In an informational report, the structure is always in the form of introduction, text and conclusion.  True
17. The need for interview arises because there are unlimited vacancies for a limited number of aspirants.  False
18. In a seminar, the result of original research or advanced study is presented through written reports.   True
19. The most important section of a proposal is Technical section/Management section/Cost estimate.
20. In an analytical report, there is identification of the problems, analysis and interpretation.  Interpretation of data is followed by conclusions.                              True
21. In recruitment of candidates, a group discussion is used as a strategy of both Selection and elimination process.         True
22. A chronological ordering pattern is followed in listing educational qualifications and work experiences in a resume.   True
23. The skill of report writing can be acquired by mastering the craft of writing and Learning the scientific process of investigation, analysis and presentation.                               True
24. A resume appended to a job-application is both goal-oriented and job-specific.                          True
25. A report usually has a descriptive, expository or narrative sentences.                              True
26. A job application letter is written to sell one’s services.                           True
27. For effective participation in a group discussion one must present one’s views with pride, vigor and excitement.       True
28. The basic requirements of a good report are clarity, conciseness, continuity and objectivity. True
29. Proposals and reports are same.                        False
30. A participant in a group discussion should not try to dominate the discussion.                              True
31. The resume to be enclosed with an application letter need not give all the details of academic qualifications, achievements and experience.                 True