AHSEC - Class 11 Question Paper: Business Studies' 2015 | Class 11 Business Studies Question Papers

Class 11 Business Studies Question Papers
AHSEC Class 11 Question Papers

Full Marks: 100
Time: 3 hours
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions
1.       Answer the following questions :                     1x8=8
(a) State one feature of Joint Hindu Family Business.
(b) What do you mean by e-business?
(c) Give an example of unethical behaviour in business.
(d) When can a private company commence business?
(e) Who is promoter?
(f) Write one feature of cottage industries.
(g) Mention one problem of small business.
(h) What is the maximum number of members of a public company?
2.       What is partnership deed?  2
3.       Write two features of a public sector enterprise.      2
4.       State two responsibilities of business towards consumers.   2
5.       Mention two merits of equity shares.                            2
6.       State two functions of a retailer.                       2
7.       Explain any three features of business.                         3
8.       State any three natures of services.                                3
9.  Mention three points of distinction between Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association. 3

10.   What do you mean by outsourcing of services? Why is it important?               1+2=3
11.   State three causes of international trade.
12.   “Profit is not the main objective of a business”. In this context give your opinion about this statement.       5
13.   Explain the advantages of insurance to the business community.      5
14.   Discuss the limitations of E-Business.                              5
15.   Name of documents necessary for the incorporation of a company.                5
16.   Discuss the role of business in environment protection.                        5
17.   Explain the role of small industries in rural areas.       5
18.   Distinguish between domestic and international trade.                          5
19.   Discuss in detail the reasons for the superiority of Joint-Stock Company over Sole proprietorship and partnership. 8
State the types of business suitable under sole proprietorship with appropriate illustrations.

20.   State the merits and demerits of Statutory Corporation as a form of public sector enterprise.   4+4=8
What is global enterprise? What are its features?             2+6=8

21.   Explain retained earnings and public deposit as sources of corporate finance in India.      4+4=8
What is preference share? What are the different types of preference share?                   2+6=8

22.   Define wholesaler? Discuss the difficulties which the manufactures will face if wholesalers are eliminated. 2+6=8

Explain the concept of Consumer Co-operative Store. What are its merits?          4+4=8