Dibrugarh University Question Papers: International Business (May' 2016)

2016 (May)
Course: 602
(International Business)
Full Marks: 80
Pass Marks: 32
Time: 3 hours
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions
1. Write the full form of the following:                                                   1x8=8
a)      DGFT.
b)      ECGC.
c)       TRIPS.
d)      EPCs.
e)      OECD.
f)       OPEC.
g)      EOUs.
h)      MFN.

2. Write short notes on the following (any four):                               4x4=16
a)      Export Processing Zone.
b)      Export-Import Bank of India.
c)       Deferred Payment System.

d)      Export Credit Insurance.
e)      Export Promotion Councils.
f)       Bilateral Agreement.

3. (a) Discuss the growth of India’s foreign trade in the context of global foreign trade.                                  12
(b) Write a brief note on Export-Import Policy of Government of India.                        12

4. (a) Analyze the performance of India’s foreign trade policies after liberalization of the economy.         11
(b) Explain in detail the objectives of the foreign exchange control in India.                         11

5. (a) Discuss the role of commercial banks in Indian foreign trade.                             11
(b) Discuss the export promotion policies adopted by the Government of India. What new measures do you suggest for export promotion in India?                                                          8+3=11

6. (a) Discuss the role of export-oriented units in context of India’s export promotion.             11
(b) What is Special Economic Zone (SEZ)? Discuss the advantages of SEZ.                   3+8=11

7. (a) Discuss the importance of multilateral agreement in promoting foreign trade.                         11

(b) Write a note on ‘Indian joint ventures in foreign countries’.                                                  11