B.Com 2nd Year Question Papers (Distance): Human Resource Management' 2016

2016 (July)
Paper: 201
(Human Resource Management)
Full Marks: 90

Time: 3 hours
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions

1. Answer the following questions very briefly:
  1. Write two points of distinction between Human Resource Management and Personnel Management. 2
  2. Mention two problems of Human Resource Planning. 2
  3. Write two points of distinction between Career Counseling and Career Management. 2
  4. State two external sources of recruitment. 2
  5. Write two merits of internal sources of recruitment. 2
2. Write short notes on any four: 5x4=20

  1. Job enrichment.
  2. Job rotation.
  3. Importance of ‘Health and Safety’ measures.
  4. Executive Development.
  5. Non-financial incentives.
3. (a) Discuss briefly the nature and scope of Human Resource Management. 6+6=12
(b) Write a brief note on the development of Human Resource Management. 12
4. (a) Explain the meaning and process of Human Resource Planning. 4+8=12
(b) What do you mean by ‘Job Analysis’? Explain the various steps involved in the preparation of Job analysis. 4+8=12
5. (a) Discuss in detail the recruitment Process in India. 12
(b) Describe in brief the significance of proper selection of personnel in large industrial organisation.    12

6. (a) Define the term ‘Career’ and explain the steps in Career development. 4+8=12
(b) Describe the various steps in a training programme. 12
7. (a) What do you mean by ‘Compensation’? Explain the objectives of Compensation Management. 4+8=12
(b) Define ‘Compensation Management’. Highlight the essential features of a good Compensation Plan for employees. 4+8=12