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Sunday, October 01, 2017

Dibrugarh University (BA - 1st Semester) Question Paper - History (Nov' 2012)

Course: 101
(History of Assam: 1228 - 1826)
Full Marks: 80
Pass Marks: 32
Time: 3 hours
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions

1. Answer the following questions in one word or in one sentence: 1x8=8
  1. Who was the Barahi king at the time of advent of Sukapha in the Brahmaputra Valley?
  2. Who was the foreign traveler who visited the Koch Kingdom during the reign of Maharaj Naranarayana?
  3. Who was the Ahom king who created the post of Barpatragohain?
  4. Who introduced the ‘Posa System’?
  5. Who was the Mughal emperor who sent Mirzumla to invade Assam?
  6. Who was the Commander-in-chief of the Mughal forces in the Battle of Saraighat?
  7. Who was the author of Hastividyarnava?
  8. What is the name of the Manipuri princess married by King Rajeswar Singha?
2. Write briefly on any four of the following (within 100 words): 4x4=16
  1. Chilarai.
  2. Invasion of Assam by Turbak.
  3. Treaty of Ghilajharighat.
  4. Barraja Phuleswari Konwari.
  5. Singari Gharat Utha Utsav.
3. Answer any four of the following questions:
  1. Describe the political condition of the Brahmaputra Valley at the time of advent of Sukapha. 14
Who are the Kacharis? Give a description on the rise and fall of the Kachari Kingdom. 2+12=14
  1. Make an estimate of the reign of Suhungmung Dihingia Raja. 14
Describe the administrative and organizational activities of King Pratap Singha. 8+6=14
  1. Write a note on the description of Assam made by Shihabuddin Talish. 14
Describe the causes and consequences of the Battle of Saraighat. 7+7=14
  1. Describe the main events during the reign of King Rudra Singha. 14
Discuss the causes of the First Moamaria Rebellion. 14
  1. Discuss the policy adopted by the Ahom Kings towards the neighbouring hill tribes. 14
Give a description of the social life during the Ahom period. 14

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