Dibrugarh University Question Papers: International Marketing (May' 2014)

2014 (May)
Courses: 601
(International Marketing)
Full Marks: 80
Pass Marks: 32
Time: 3 hours
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions
1.       (a) Fill in the blanks:                                                1x3=3
(1)    In International Marketing, a manager who sees the world as one big market and does not necessarily consider the International Markets separately for the domestic markets is known as ____ manager.
(2)    An export house is also referred to as a/an ____.
(3)    The full form of PLC is ____.
(b) Write ‘True’ or ‘False’:                            1x5=5
(1)    The term ‘logistic’ was used originally by the military.
(2)    Japan is a world leader in promotional techniques.
(3)    ‘Cash in advance’ is a payment method in which the seller receives a part payment before the product is manufactured and shipped.

(4)    In International Marketing, selling the domestic version of the product in the foreign market is known as product extension.
(5)    Modern concept of marketing is always product oriented.
2.       (a) Explain the nature and scope of International Marketing.                               6+6=12
(b) What do you understand by External and Internal marketing environment in International Marketing? Explain their influences in the overall international marketing environment. (3+3)+6=12
3.       (a) Discuss about the export policy and practices in India.                      11
(b) What do you mean by foreign market? What factors are to be considered in identifying and selecting foreign market?                                                4+7=11
4.       (a) Discuss the new product planning and development process in International Marketing.                4+7=11
(b) What do you mean by Branding? Explain its significance in International Marketing.                  11
5.       (a) What factor are to be considered by a marketer in international pricing?                                 11
(b) Write an explanatory note on ‘export price quotation and export pricing’.                                     11
6.       (a) What do you mean by product promotion? Explain various promotional methods in International Marketing. 4+7=11
(b) What is channel of distribution? Write in detail about the distribution channels in International Marketing.4+7=11
7.       Write short notes on (any four):                       4x4=16
(a)    Export Documentation.
(b)   Standardization.
(c)    Marginal Cost Pricing.
(d)   Logistic Management.

(e)   Modes of Payment in International Marketing.