AHSEC Class 11 Question Paper: Business Studies' 2017 | Class 11 Business Studies Question Papers

Class 11 Business Studies Question Papers
AHSEC Class 11 Question Papers
Full Marks – 100
Time: 3 hours
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions

1. Answer as directed:                   1x8=8
a)      ADRs can be issued in which of the following countries?
1)      Japan
2)      USA
3)      Canada
4)      India
b)      Can a public company commence business after obtaining Certificate of Incorporation?
c)       Write the full form of EFT.
d)      In which year was the National Small Industries Corporation (NSIC) set up?
e)      Which document is issued by a company to invite public to purchase its shares?
f)       Write one objective of SIDBI.
g)      What is the full form of E. & O.E.?
h)      Write one disadvantage of mail order business.

2. What is limited partnership?                  2

3. Distinguish between Private Sector and Public Sector.                               2

4. What is bonded warehouse?                 2

5. What is e-business?                                   2

6. What is Articles of Association?             2

7. Briefly explain the benefits of joint venture.                  3

8. Write three utility functions of a bank.                              3

9. Briefly explain the social responsibilities of a business towards Government.                  3

10. Write a note on public deposit.           3

11. Write about the Bill of Lading.             3

12. Explain the features of multinational company.          5

13. Explain the functions of warehouse.                                                5

14. Explain the resources required for successful implementation of e-business.                               5

15. Explain the elements of business ethics.                        5

16. Explain the steps involved in formation of a private limited company.                              5

17. Explain the role of small-scale industries in rural areas.                            5

18. Explain the importance of international business.                                      5

19. What is business risk? Explain its causes.                        2+6=8
Discuss the various types of industries with suitable examples.                  8

20. Discuss the basic factors to be considered while starting a business.                                 8
What is Joint Hindu family business? Explain its features.                              2+6=8

21. What is preference share? Explain its different types.                             2+6=8
What is share? Explain its features.                                          2+6=8

22. What is consumer’s cooperative store? Explain its merits and demerits.          2+3+3=8
Who is wholesaler? Explain the services rendered by wholesaler towards retailers.                 2+6=8