Principle of Business Management May' 2017 | Dibrugarh University (2nd Semester)

[Principles of Business Management, Dibrugarh University, B.Com 2nd Sem, Question Papers, Semester Exam, May' 2017]

2017 (May)
Commerce (General/Speciality)
Course Code: 204
Time: 3 Hours
Maximum Marks: 80
1. Answer the following as directed:
a)      Why is management called a ‘group activity’?      1
b)      Write any one point of distinction between cooperation and coordination.                          1
c)       “Trying to control everything may end up in controlling nothing.” (Write True or False)    1
d)      Mention two features of a good plan.                                                    2                             
e)      Authority can be delegated, but ____ cannot be delegated.  (Fill in the blank)        1
f)       Give one example of non-financial incentive.    1
g)      Give an example of negative motivation.       1
2. Write short notes on (any four):                           4x4=16
a)      Social responsibility of management.
b)      Planning premises.
c)       Concept of decision making.
d)      Organization and organizing.
e)      Unity of command.
3. (a) Describe briefly the management thoughts.                                            14
    (b) Critically discuss the systems approach of management.                    14
4. (a) “Planning is an important function of management.” Justify the statement with reasons.      14
    (b) Describe the meaning and significance of management by objectives.   4+10=14
5. (a) Discuss in detail the advantages and disadvantages of line and staff organization in the field of business management.           7+7=14
    (b) Briefly describe the bases of departmentation with relative merits and demerits.  14
6. (a) Discuss the nature and importance of motivation in business management.    7+7=14

    (b) Explain the concept of leadership. Discuss its significance in the management of a large manufacturing enterprise.    4+10=14
Full Marks: 80
Pass Marks: 32
1. Answer the following as directed:
a)      Coordination is same with cooperation.          1 (Write True or False)
b)      Write the full form of TQM.       1
c)       ____ is known as the ‘father of principles of management’.        (Fill in the blank)               1
d)      ‘Identifying the problem’ is a basic principle of decision-making process.  (Write True or False)   1
e)      Give two examples of financial incentives in motivating employees.  2
f)       Mention two limitations of planning.      2
2. Write short notes on (any three):       4x3=12
a)      Span of management.
b)      Managerial skills.
c)       Systems approach of management.
d)      Decision-making.
3. (a) Write a brief note on the development of management thoughts.   12
    (b) Discuss the importance of business management functions in the management of a large manufacturing enterprise.  12
4. (a) Briefly discuss the features of a good plan.             12
    (b) Discuss the meaning and process of management by objectives.   4+8=12
5. (a) What do you mean by organizing? Describe its significance.         4+8=12
    (b) Explain the nature and limitations of line and staff organization.      6+6=12
6. (a) Compare and contrast Maslow’s theory and Herzberg’s theory of motivation.     12
    (b) Explain in brief the various styles of leadership.   12
7. (a) Write an explanatory note on effective control system.      12
    (b) What do you mean by ‘managerial control’? Discuss its importance in business management.   4+8=12