Dibrugarh University Question Papers: Business Communication - II (May' 2017)

Business Communication - II Question Paper 2017 (May)
Dibrugarh University Question Paper
COMMERCE (General/Speciality)
Course: 201 (Business Communication - II)
Time: 3 hours
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions
Full Marks: 80
Pass Marks: 24

1. Select the right alternative:                                    1x4=4
a)      The management section of a proposal indicates
                                 i.            The nature of the problem.
                               ii.            How the proposed task would be completed.
                              iii.            The items of anticipated expenditure.
b)      The main speech on any occasion is the
                                 i.            Welcome address.
                               ii.            Vote of thanks.
                              iii.            Keynote address.
c)       Non-verbal communication is
                                 i.            Conscious and deliberate.
                               ii.            Instinctive and spontaneous.
                              iii.            Voluntary and intended.
d)      In an interview, the final selection can be a very challenging task, when

                                 i.            Candidates are few and the number vacancies are many.
                               ii.            Number of candidates and vacancies are equal.
                              iii.            Candidates are many and vacancies are few.
2. State whether the following statements are True or False:                                      1x4=4
a)      In an informational report, the structure is always in the form of introduction, text and conclusion.
b)      A presenter should never summarize at the end of his/her presentation.
c)       Unlike verbal communication, which has limitations in terms of reach, non-verbal communication is universal in reach.
d)      A resume is a form of advertising.
3. Answer the following questions in about 100 words each:                                        4x4=16
a)      Briefly enumerate the steps to be followed in planning a report.
b)      Effective delivery of a speech is as important as the content. Substantiate.
c)       List and briefly explain the essentials of good listening.
d)      How would you prepare yourself for a  job interview?
4. (a) Define proposal. Briefly describe the different sections of a proposal.                                         4+10=14
(b) What do you mean by a short report? Imagine you are the Senior Marketing Manager of Tata Tiscon Corporation, Guwahati and prepare a report in the memo format on declining sales of Tata Tiscon TMT Bars in the north-eastern region. The report to be submitted to the Managing Director of the Corporation                              2+12=14
5. (a) What do you mean by a speech? What strategies would you adopt for planning and preparing a speech?3+11=14
    (b) List the visuals used in oral presentations. Enumerate any six merits of PowerPoint presentations.                  2+12=14
6. (a) Distinguish between verbal and non-verbal languages. Explain briefly the advantages and limitations of non-verbal language.                                            4+10=14
    (b) Indicate the importance of listening in service organizations. List and explain any five strategies to improve your listening skills.                                                   4+10=14
7. (a) “Wanted Chief Accountant in a Multinational Company. The candidate must be ICWA Examination passed and above 40 years. Experience of 5 years as Assistant Accountant or in similar position is essential. Pay Rs. 60,000 plus free accommodation and LTC once in two years” . Write an application to the Executive Director, Anderson & Company, New Delhi, in response to the above advertisement published in the Hindustan Times, dated April, 28, 2017. 14
(b) “National Electronics Corporation, Mumbai, invites application for the post of Finance Officer in the pay scale of Rs. 37,400 – Rs. 67,000 (likely to be revised) plus grade pay Rs. 8,900 with allowances at Central Government rates. The Candidate must have M.Com degree in Finance and Accounts and a minimum of 10 years experience as Accountant, including computerization of Accounts, handling of Income-tax matters, preparation of budget proposals, auditing of accounts, etc.” Prepare a resume to be submitted along with your application in response to the above advertisement published in the Times of India, dated April 25, 2017.                                                                       14
Full Marks: 80
Pass Marks: 32
    1. State whether the following statements are ‘True’ or ‘False’:                                             1x4=4
a)      A sales letter typically follows the AIDA plan of organization.
b)      Effective writing involves a two-stage process: writing and revising.
c)       A proposal is a written offer to solve a technical problem or to undertake a project of a theoretical or practical nature.
d)      A resume highlights the skills, the strengths and the abilities of a candidate in relation to the job.
2. Choose the right alternative:                                                 1x4=4
a)      In a request letter, following direct approach ____ is stated first.
                                 i.            Specific request for action.
                               ii.            Desired action.
                              iii.            Reasons for desired action.
b)      In business writing, pre-writing stage relates to
                                 i.            Organizing the materials.
                               ii.            Revising the first draft.
                              iii.            Defining the problem.
c)       An unsolicited proposal is prepared
                                 i.            To meet a specific demand.
                               ii.            In the hope that the excellence of the proposal will attract the potential customer.
                              iii.            To advertise a newly introduced product.
d)      In a group discussion, a participant contributes to the theme
                                 i.            By dominating over other members.
                               ii.            By listening impartially to the views of other members.
                              iii.            By presenting arguments either for or against the topic.
3. Answer the following questions in about 100 words each:                                                        4x4=16
a)      Give the format of an inter-office memo.
b)      What are the reasons for editing a business message?
c)       What steps are to be followed in planning selection interviews?
d)      Write a note on seminar as a forum for interactive communication.
4. (a) What are the purposes of writing a sales letter? As a Sales Manager of Jupiter Electrical Appliances Company, 26 Park Street, Kolkata – 700009, draft a sales letter to the hotels in Delhi to promote the sale of room heaters produced with latest technology.                                                        3+7=10
(b) Point out three differences between a memo and a letter. Assume you are the Senior Branch Manger, Punjab National Bank, Dibrugarh Branch, and write a memo warning a Senior Assistant, P. N. Kumar, against his habit of reading newspaper and magazines during banking hours.                                                     3+7=10
5. (a) Writing a business message is a three stages process. Elaborate the statement by describing all the stages.    10
(b) The following extracts contain redundant (more than is necessary) expressions. Rewrite to make them concise and precise:                                                                3+4+3=10
                                 i.            Broadly speaking, this may have the ultimate effect of doubling in numbers the total of bills dispatched outwards in a single day.
                               ii.            In the main, the majority of a staff is in general agreement with the principal features of the scheme so far as can be judged from the individual replies received to date.
                              iii.            Many laboratories here in this country and in other countries abroad are trying to develop techniques for culturing embryos. The goal they are working for is not particularly so much to produce test-tube babies as to understand what factors there are involved in control of the gestation period.
6. (a) Distinguish between a solicited proposal and an unsolicited proposal. As President of the Students’ Union of City College, Guwahati, draft a proposal to improve the existing facilities in the college canteen. The proposal is to be drafted in the form of a letter and submitted to the Principal of the college.                                                             4+10=14
(b) What purpose does the Executive Summary serve in a report? Explain briefly the essentials of a good business report.                                                                 4+10=14
7. (a) What is ‘selection interview’? State the points an interviewer should keep in mind while conducting a selection interview.                                                           3+8=11
(b) What do you mean by a solicited letter of application? Write an application for the post of a Medical Representative to the Personnel Manager of a reputed pharmaceutical company. Invent necessary details, if necessary.                                       2+9=11
8. (a) Write a note on the role of the organizer in holding a seminar. How can a seminar be made effective?        5+6
(b) Enumerate any five factors that hinder the listening process. What strategies would you adopt to improve your listening skills?                                                    5+6=11