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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

BA 2nd Semester Question Papers: History of Assam: 1826-1947 (May' 2017)

2017 (May)
Course: 201
(History of Assam: 1826-1947)
Full marks: 80
Pass Marks: 32/24
Time: 3 hours
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions
1. Answer the following questions in one word or in one sentence:                         1x8=8
a)      In which year was Lower Assam annexed to the British dominion?
b)      Write the name of an associate of Gomdhar Konwar.
c)       Who was the first Chief Commissioner of Assam?
d)      In which year Assam Association was formed?
e)      Who was the first President of the Assam Pradesh Congress Committee?
f)       Under whose leadership the Swaraj Party was founded in Assam?
g)      In which year All India Trade Union Act was passed?
h)      Who was Kanaklata Baruah?
2. Write short notes on (any three):                        4x3=12
a)      David Scott.
b)      Results of the Revolt of 1857 in Assam.
c)       Phulaguri Dhewa.
d)      Pandu Congress.
e)      Sylhet Referendum.
3. Discuss the political condition of Assam on the eve of the British rule.                       12

Under what circumstances Purandar Singha was restored in Upper Assam? What were the causes of his failure?                   12
4. Describe how Cachar come under the British rule.                       12
Give an account of the Khasi Rebellion under the leadership of Tirut Singh.                          12
5. Explain the role of the Jorhat Sarbajanik Sabha and the Assam Association in the growth of national consciousness in Assam.                                                 12
Discuss the impact of Partition of Bengal and Swadeshi Movement in Assam.                      12
6. Discuss in brief about the Non-Cooperation Movement in Assam.                                       12
Discuss the role of the student community of Assam in Freedom Movement.                     12
7. Under what circumstances was the Tribal League formed in Assam? Write about the role of the Tribal League in the politics of Assam prior to 1947.                                   6+6=12
What were the proposals of the Cabinet Mission? How did the people of Assam react to the proposals?               6+6=12

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