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Saturday, April 21, 2018

BA 4th Semester Question Papers: Issues of Indian Economy (May' 2017)

2017 (May)
Course: 401
(Issue of Indian Economy)
Full marks: 80
Pass Marks: 32/24
Time: 3 hours
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions
1. Answer the following questions as directed:                                  1x8=8
a)      What is the literacy rate in India, according to the 2011 Census?
b)      Write the full form of MGNREGA.
c)       The decadal growth rate of population (2001-2011) in Assam is higher/lower than the national average. (Choose the correct answer)
d)      Which one of the following is a non-renewable source of energy? (Choose the correct answer)
                     i.            Wind energy.
                   ii.            Wave energy.
                  iii.            Nuclear fuels.
                 iv.            Solar energy.
e)      Which one of the following is a source of agricultural finance? (Choose the correct answer)

                     i.            SIDBI
                   ii.            NABARD
                  iii.            IDBI
                 iv.            None of the above
f)       Write the full form of MSME.
g)      Name one organization association with the promotion of rural industries.
h)      The erstwhile Planning Commission of India has been replaced by _____ Aayog.
2. Write short notes on any four of the following (within 150 words each):                                            4x4=16
a)      Land reforms in India.
b)      New Industrial Policy of India.
c)       Prospects of small-scale industries in Assam.
d)      Major objectives of Indian Planning.
e)      Problems of agricultural marketing in Assam.
Answer the following questions (within 500 words each):
3. (a) Write a note on the occupational pattern of Indian population. Have you noticed any change in occupational pattern of the country during the recent years?
(b) What are meant by absolute and relative poverty? Highlight the major aspects of any three poverty alleviation programmes undertaken by the Government of India.                                  3+9=12
4. (a) What is Green Revolution? What are the impacts of Green Revolution on Indian economy?                             2+9=11
(b) Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of shifting cultivation.                       5+6=11
5. (a) Discuss the role of small-scale industries in Indian economy.                            11
(b) Discuss the achievements and failures of the Indian industrial sector in the post 1991 liberalization period.    11
6. (a) Discuss the major problems faced by the small-scale industrial sector in Assam. Name two Government schemes implemented to develop the small-scale industries in the State.                                                9+2=11
(b) Explain the causes for the slow growth of industrial sector in Assam. Do you think that the industrial development in the State is affected by the poor law and order situation? Give reason.                          11
7. (a) What is economic planning? What are the main features of economic planning in India?                     2+9=11
(b) Mention two new strategies of Indian planning undertaken during the post-reform period. How is Indian economy affected by the policy of privatization?                                  4+7=11

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