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Monday, April 23, 2018

BA 6th Semester Question Papers: Literature in the Post-Colonial World (May' 2015)

2015 (May)
Course: 603
(Literature in the Post-Colonial World)
Full Marks: 80
Pass Marks: 32
Time: 3 hours
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions.
1. Answer any eight of the following as directed: 1x8=8
  1. Who is the author of Black Skin, White Masks?
  2. Name the author of Empire: The British Imperial Experience from 1765 to the Present.
  3. Who has authored In Other Worlds: Essays in Cultural Politics?
  4. Which country is the poet A. D. Hope from?
  5. Name the book written by Iris Andreski which is critiqued by Chinua Achebe.
  6. Who is the author of The Second Round?
  7. Name another novel written by Coetzee other than Disgrace.
  8. Name the place where Suraiya resided.
  9. What was David Lurie’s profession in Disgrace?
  10. In which year was The Shadow Lines published?
  11. The Shadow Lines is based on the real incident of ____. (Fill in the blank)
  12. Which award did Amitav Ghosh win for his novel, The Shadow Lines?
  13. Who was ila in The Shadow Lines?
2. Answer any four of the following questions: 4x4=16
  1. Write a short note either on Racism or on Diaspora.
  2. Discuss how the English language has been refashioned by the post-Colonial writers.
Discuss the emergence of the ‘New English’.
  1. What are Achebe’s contentions against Anozie’s dismissal of the role of ‘the novelist as a teacher’ and the poet’s ‘passion for truth’?
  2. Critically assess Iris Andreski’s accounts of the advantages of colonization in Africa.
  3. Who is Tridib and what is his role in the novel, The Shadow Lines?
  4. Attempt a brief character sketch of Thamua in The Shadow Lines.
  5. Comment on Coetzee’s use of the Romantic English poet Byron as a symbol in Disgrace.
  6. Attempt a brief character sketch of Melanie Isaacs in Disgrace.
3. Answer the following questions:   14x4=56
  1. Define the term ‘post-Colonialism’ and explain the means of textual analysis involved in post-Colonial readings of texts.
Write a note on the key issues and concepts of post-Colonial literature and literary criticism.
What is the difference between imperialism and colonialism? Discuss the three periods of decolonization. 5+9
  1. How does Chinua Achebe challenge misguided ‘colonialist criticism’? Make a critical assessment of Achebe’s post-Colonial reading of the European notion of literary criticism.
“Let every people bring their gifts to the great festival of the world’s cultural harvest and mankind will be all the richer for the variety and distinctiveness of the offerings.”
Examine Chinua Achebe’s plea for a multicultural, inclusive and transformative post-Colonial aesthetics in the light of the above comment.
  1. Critically evaluate The Shadow Lines as a post-Colonial novel.
Comment critically on the treatment/use of history in The Shadow Lines with reference to Amitav Ghosh’s notion of history.
“Ghosh as a post-modernist writer is concerned more with globalization than nationalization.” Discuss.
  1. “Disgrace is a highly disturbing novel because it seems to present a world dying without hope”.
Evaluate Coetzee’s novel as a representation of the post-apartheid tensions in South Africa in the light of the above comment.
Critically comment on Coetzee’s use of symbolism in Disgrace.

Analyze how Coetzee incorporates the theme of disgrace at various levels of the novel.

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