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Tuesday, June 26, 2018


Dibrugarh University
Syllabus for B.COM Programme
Under Directorate of Distance Education
1st Year
Total Marks: 90
Objectives: The course aims is acquainting the learners with the emerging issues in business at the national and international level in the light of the policies of liberalization and globalization.

Block I: Indian Business Environment:                                                   18
Concept, components, Indian Business Environment and importance, Five year plan, Strategies and resource allocations.

Block II: Economic Trends:                                                                           18
Economic Trends (overview): Income; saving and investment; Industry; Trade and balance of payments, EXIM policy.

Block III: Concept of Growth:                                                                     18
Problems of Growth; Unemployment; Poverty; Regional imbalances; Social injustices; gender bias; Inflation; Parallel economy; Industrial sickness. 

Block IV: Role of Government:                                                                  18
Monetary and Fiscal policy; Industrial licensing; Privatization; Devaluation; Regulation of foreign investments; Collaboration in light of recent changes.

Block V: International Environment:                                                      18
International trade in Environment (overview); Trends in World Trade and the problems of Developing countries; International economic groupings; and institutions – GATT, WTO, UNCTAD, World Bank, IMF, GSP, Counter Trade.

Suggested Readings:
1.       Neelamegam; V.: Business Environment; Vrinda Publications (P) Ltd. Delhi.
2.       Das & Maitra;: Business Economics and Business Environment; Vrinda Publications (P) Ltd. Delhi.
3.       Aswathappa K: Essentials of Business Environment; Himalaya Publishing House; New Delhi.
4.       Ahuja H.L.: Economic Environment of Business; S. Chand & Company Ltd. New Delhi.
5.       Bezborah P. & Singh Ranjit; Business Environment; Kalyani Publishers.
6.       Skaikh Saleem: Business Environment; Pearson Education.

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