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Tuesday, June 26, 2018


Dibrugarh University
Syllabus for B.COM Programme
Under Directorate of Distance Education
2nd Year
Total Marks: 90

Objectives: Learners to gain understanding to statistical techniques as are applicable in the business.

Block I: Introduction:                                                                    18
Statistics as a subject; Descriptive Statistics compared. To Inferential Statistics; Types of data; Methods of data collection using Survey methods, Summation operations
Analysis of Univariate Data: Concept of central tendency and Dispersion and their measures.

Block II: Analysis of Bivariate Data:                                          18
Linear Regression and Correlation

Block III: Index Number:                                                               18
Meaning; Types and uses; Methods of constructing price and quantity indices (simple and aggregate); Tests and adequacy; Chain base index numbers; Base Shifting, Splicing and deflating; problems in constructing index numbers; Consumer price index.

Block IV: Analysis of Time Series:                                            18
Causes of variations in time series data; components of a time series; Decomposition-additive and multiplicative models; determination of trend; moving average method and method of least squares (only linear trend). Computation of seasonal indices by the method of simple averages

Block V: Forecasting and Methods:                                         18
Forecasting-concept; types and importance; general approach to forecasting; Method of forecasting; Forecasting demand; Factors affecting company sales, Basic concept of probability-Additive and Multiplicative Laws of Probability.

Suggested Readings:
1.       Gupta S. P.: Statistical Methods; Sultan Chand & Sons; New Delhi.
2.       Sancheti & Kapoor: Business Statistics, Sultan Chand & Sons; New Delhi.
3.       Hooda; R. P.: Statistics for Business and Economics; Macmillan; New Delhi.
4.       J. K. Sharma: Business Statistics; Pearson Education.
5.       Ya-Lun Chou: Statistical analysis with Business and Economics Application, Holt, Rinehart & Winster, New York.
6.       Lewin and Rubin: Statistics for Management; Prentice Hall of India, New Delhi.
7.       Hoel & Jessen: Basic Statistics for Business and Economics; John wiley and sons, New York. 

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