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Tuesday, June 26, 2018


Dibrugarh University
Syllabus for B.COM Programme
Under Directorate of Distance Education
1st Year
Total Marks: 90
Objectives: The objective is to familiarize the learners with the basic of management.

Block I: Introduction:                                                                     18
Concept, nature, purpose and significance of Management; Managerial roles (Mintzberg); and overview of functional areas of management; Development of management thought; Classical and neo-classical systems; Contingency approaches.

Block II: Planning:                                                                            18
Planning: Concept, process and types, Decision making-concept and process; Bounded rationality; Management by objective; Corporate planning; Environmental analysis and diagnosis; Strategy formulation.

Block III: Organisation:                                                                  18
Concept, Nature, Process and Significance, Centralization and Decentralization, Departmentation, Span of Management, Organization Structure-terms and contingency factors

Block IV: Motivation:                                                                     18
Motivation and Leading People at work; Motivation-concept; Financial and Non Financial Incentives
Theories- Maslow, Herzberg; McGregor and Ouch
Leadership: Concept; Leadership Styles, Leadership theories; Likert’s System of Management.

Block V: Managerial Control:                                                      18
Concept and Process; Effective Control System; Techniques of Control – Traditional and Modern, Emerging Horizon of Management in a changing environment, Managerial theories and Social Responsibility

Suggest Readings:
1.       Parthasarathy P: Principles of Management; Vrinda Publications (P) Ltd. Delhi.
2.       Sivalingam T: Fundamentals of Management; Vrinda Publications (P) Ltd. Delhi.
3.       Bhat Anil & Kumar Arya: Management; Principles; Process And Practices; Oxford University Press; New Delhi.
4.       Dipak Kumar Bhattacharya: Principles of Management: Text And Cases; Pearson Education.
5.       Drucker Peter F.: Management Challenges for the 21st Century; Butterworth Heinemann, Oxford.
6.       Weihrich and Koontz, et al: Essentials of Management; Tata McGraw Hill, New Delhi.
7.       Fred Juthans: Organizational Behaviour; McGraw Hills, New York.
8.       Louis A. Allen: Management and Organisation; McGraw Hill, Tokyo.
9.       Ansoff H.I.: Corporate Strategy; McGraw Hill, New York.
10.   Hampton, David R: Modern Management; McGraw Hill, New York.
11.   Stone and Freeman: Management; Penttice Hall, New York.

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