1.       Micro environment deals with suppliers/ government/ economic environment.  (Choose the correct answers)
2.       Write one cause of industrial backwardness in North East region of Indian.        Lack of Skilled Man-power
3.       Where is the Head Office of SAFTA situated?
4.       Write the full form of MRTP.                               Monopolistic and Restrictive Trade Practices
5.       What is the full form of GATT?                           General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade
6.       What is the full form of IBRD? International Bank for Reconstruction and Development also known as World Bank
7.       Mention one component of internal business environment.                               Mission and Objectives
8.       What is EXIM policy?   Ans: Foreign Trade Policy or EXIM Policy is a set of guidelines and instructions established by the DGFT (Directorate General of Foreign Trade) in matters related to the import and export of goods in India.
9.       Capital market deals in short term/ long term Loanable funds.  (Choose the correct answer)
10.   Economic growth always increases welfare.                                (Write True or False)
11.   Mention one objective of economic growth.                              Reduction in Inflation
12.   Mention one advantage of privatization.                      Improvement in the performance of the PSUs
13.   In which year was the World Trade Organization set up?  (In 1995, Replacing GATT)
14.   Mention any one natural element of business environment.              Organisational Structure
15.   Mention one drawback of privatization.                                        Natural Monopoly
16.   Mention one objective of the IMF.                                  Promote International Monetary Co-operation
17.   Write one function of capital market.                                             Raising Long term funds
18.   Mention any one of the internal components of business environment.                       Mission and objectives
19.   Mention one hindrance of economic growth of India.                                                             Population growth
20.   Mention one objective of New Industrial Policy.        (Initiate rapid economic growth to raise the standard of living, reduce unemployment and poverty)
21.   The Dunkle Draft of the GATT was proposed in the year 1991. (Fill in the blank)
22.   In which year was the IMF set up?                   1945
23.   World Bank was established in the year 1945.                             (Fill in the blank)
24.   Mention one of the components of business environment.                Internal Environment.
25.   Write one internal factor of business environment.                                 Quality of human resources
26.   There is no difference between business environment and economic environment.  (State True or False)
27.   Mention one advantage of privatization.      Improved efficiency of PSUs.
28.   Write one function of money market.                            Raising short term finance
29.   Capital market deals with short-term/long-term loan able funds. (Write the correct answer)
30.   Write the full form of SAFTA.                              South Asian Free Trade Area
31.   Mention any one of the components of Indian business environment.                          Political Environment
32.    There is no difference between economic growth and economic development. (Write True or False)
33.   In which year was the WTO set up?                 1995
34.   Write the full form of SEZ.                    Special Economic Zone
35.   Capital market deals in short-term / long-term funds.
36.   Mention market deals in Short-term funds. (Fill in the blank)
37.   Dunkle draft’ was proposed in the Uruguay Round of GATT. (Fill in the blanks)
38.   Mention any one natural component of business environment.                                        Political environment
39.    What do you mean by inclusive growth?      Ans: Inclusive growth is a concept that advances equitable opportunities for economic participants during economic growth with benefits incurred by every section of society.
40.   Mention one of the objectives of economic growth. Ans: To bring qualitative and quantitative changes in the economy
41.   Write one cause of industrial sickness.                           Lack of Continuous power supply
42.   Mention one advantages of privatization.                                    Lack of political interference
43.   In which year was the WTO set up?                 1995
44.   Mention one advantages of SEZ.                      Well connected with network of public transport, local railways and cabs
45.   There is no difference between Business Environment and Economic Environment. (state True or False)
46.   Write the full form of MFN.                 Most Favoured Nation
47.   India was the one of the founder members of the World Trade Organization.(state True or False)  
48.   Money Market deals in Short term funds.(fill in the blanks)
49.   Which of the following is an internal factor of business environment?
(i)      Value system
(ii)    Company’s image
(iii)   Management structure
(iv)  Company’s financial position
(v)    All of the above factors
50.   There is no difference between economic growth and economic development. (True of False)
51.   The units set up under SEZ, must be a foreign exchange earner. (True or False)
52.   Capital market deals in short-term/long-term Loanable funds. (True or False) Money market deals in short-term Loanable funds. Capital market deals with long term funds.
53.   Dunkel Draft” was proposed in the Uruguay round of GATT.
54.   SDR’s are also called as “Paper Gold”. 
55.   Mention an adverse impact of globalization on the Indian economy. outsourcing of jobs to developing countries has resulted in loss of jobs
56.   Head Office of IMF: Washington, United States.
57.   Head office of IBRD: Washington, United States
58.   Head Office of WTO: Geneva, Switzerland
59.   Full form of SWOT: Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats
60.   Full form of LPG: Liberalization Privatisation and Globalization
61.   Full form of FDI: Foreign Direct Investment

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