Write true or false:
1.             Human resource of management is a proactive function.                  True
2.             Human resource Planning is not concerned with future requirement of human resources in an organization.   True
3.             Job evaluation as a comparative process of establishing the value of different jobs in a hierarchical order.                 True
4.             There are some difference between recruitment and selection.                   True
5.             Career planning of an organization cannot attract competent person and retain them.       False
6.             Compensation package is concerned with the value of the goods or commodities destroyed by the employees of an organization.                      False
7.             Induction is the orientation training to the newly appointed people about the organization.            True
8.             The popular methods of organization development are Kurt Levin’s method, Greiner’s method and Leavitt’s model.                  True
9.             The prime objective of Human Resource Planning is to secure maximum prosperity and happiness of employer as well as employee.                           False    
10.         A good human resource development practice motivates the organisational members to do an outstanding work. True
11.         Job Evaluation begins with job analysis.                     True
12.         Job analysis is an informal process of gathering information about a job or an organisation.                              False
13.         Competent employees will remain competent always.                      False
14.         Employee selection is the process of attracting capable applicants for employment.       False, recruitment
15.         There is no difference between career planning and career counseling.     False
16.         Compensation management is a continuous process.                         True
17.         Human Resource is a resource like any other natural resource.                       True
18.         Job analysis means a process of obtaining all pertinent job facts.                   True
19.         Job Rotation refers to change the position of an executive horizontally for increasing the skills and knowledge. False
20.         Promotion means decrease in rank and demotion means increase in rank.                               False
21.         ‘Human Resource Management’ is same with ‘Personnel Management’.                  False
22.         Human Resource Planning is a continuous process.                             
23.         Human Resource Management is a continuous process. (Write True or False)        
24.         ‘Demotion’ is a source of recruitment. (Write True or False)           
25.         Give two examples of non-financial incentives.                     worker’s participation, title or promotion, constructive attitude
26.         Mention two advantages of training.                          Increase in efficiency, reduce supervision
27.         There is no difference between ‘coordination’ and ‘cooperation’. (Write True or False)                    
28.         Mention one function of HRD manager.                    Motivation of employees
29.         Recruitment is the process of stimulating capable applicants for employment. (Write True or False)
30.         Authority can be delegated, but responsibility cannot be delegated. (Fill in the blank)                      
31.         Write the full form of CEO.                              (Chief executive officer)
32.         Mention one of the problems of formulating Human Resource Planning. Non-involvement of operating managers renders HRP ineffective.
33.         Strike is a collective step taken by workers.                             True
34.         Career plan has not role in employees’ motivation.                              True
35.         Questionnaire is one of the techniques of job analysis.                      True
36.         Job-instruction training is an example of on-the-job training.          True
37.         Compensation Management is a continuous process.                         False
38.         In internal recruitment, cost of recruitment is less.                               True
39.         A good incentive plan should be conductive to welfare.                     True
40.         Fair wage is that wage which must invariably be paid whether the company is big or small, makes profit or not.  False
41.         Job rotation is a method of job training.                    True
42.         Planning is a managerial function of Human Resource Management.           True
43.         Training refers to philosophical and theoretical education concept.              False
44.         Negotiation is not a part of the collective bargaining process.                          True

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