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Friday, November 16, 2018

ITPB Important Questions for Upcoming Exam

Information Technology Practices in Business Important Questions for Nov’ 2018 Exam (New Course)
Unit 1
Q. What do you mean by information technology? What are the basic features of information technology?
Q. Discuss the role of information technology in business.
Q. Explain the impact of information technology on the following:
Ø  Business Environment
Ø  Educational environment
Ø  Social Fabric
Q. What do you mean by Information and Communication technology? Distinguish between IT and ICT. Highlight its strengths and weakness.

Unit 2
Q. Write a brief note on the traditional and emerging technology used in business.
Q. Discuss the role of the following in developing business in India:
Ø  Radio
Ø  Telephone
Ø  Videos
Ø  Printing Press
Q. What is Media Convergence? Discuss the importance of media convergence in business.

Unit 3
Q. What are the various elements of computer? Also give a block diagram.
Q. Analyse briefly the generation wise development of computer.
Q. What is data management? Discuss the area where data management is used.
Q. Define the term Data and Information and Distinguish between them. What are the various sources of information?
Q. Why data and Information are needed? Describe briefly the different categories of data and information.
Q. Explain the different number system we have.
Ø  Binary
Ø  Octal
Ø  Decimal
Ø  Hexadecimal
Q. What do you mean by BCD Code? State its uses and disadvantages.
Q. Write a brief note on:

Unit 4
Q. What do you mean by electronic data interchange? How does it work? What are its elements?
Q. Point out the advantages and Limitations of EDI.
Q. What do you mean by computer network? What are its basic components? What are different categories into which networks can be divided?
Q. What is network structure or topology? Explain the different types of network topologies.
Q. What are the uses of internet in different sectors? Explain various issues in internet.
Q. Distinguish between:
Ø  Internet, Extranet and Intranet
Ø  Internet and World wide web
Ø  Hub and Bridge
Q. Learn how to convert Binary numbers, Octal and Hexadecimal numbers into Decimal number or Vice-versa.
Q. Basic idea of BIT, BYTE, KB, MB, GB and TB
Q. Full Form which are asked in previous exams
Q. Multiples choice questions asked in previous exams.

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