AHSEC Class 11 Question Papers: Business Studies' 2018 | Class 11 Business Studies Question Papers

Class 11 Business Studies Question Papers
AHSEC Class 11 Question Papers
Full Marks – 100
Time: 3 hours
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions

1. Answer as directed:                   1x8=8
(a) Give an example of statutory corporation.
(b) State the level of flexibility of departmental undertakings.
(c) Name one specialised bank in India.
(d) Which banking can provide 365 days 24 hours service?
(e) In which year SEBI came into existence?
(f) Who is an underwriter?
(g) Name a very popular vending machine.
(h) What is a speciality shop?
2. What do you mean by unlimited liability of a sole-trader?                         2
3. Explain the legal status of a co-operative society.                                         2
4. What is retained earnings?                                                                                     2
5. What is GDR?                                                                                      2
6. How are small-scale industries defined in India?                                           2
7. State three objectives of business.                                                                     3
8. Mention three distinctive features of Government Company.                               3
9. Explain three modes of payment in case of on-line transaction.             3
10. State the relationship between social-interest and business interest.                              3
11. What is L/C?                                                                                                                3
12. State five points of distinction amongst business, profession and employment.                          5
13. State the changing role of public-sector enterprises in India.                                5
14. Discuss the benefits of e-business.                                                                   5
15. Explain the role of business in protecting environment.                          5
16. What are the documents required for the incorporation of a company in India?          5
17. Discuss five problems of small-business units in India.                             5
18. State five basic differences between domestic and international business with relevant information.                              5
19. Explain the process of registration of a partnership firm. State the effects of non-registration of such a firm.                                5+3=8
Distinguish between public company and private company. State three basic advantages of company form of organisation.                                                5+3=8
20. State three functions and five principles of insurance.                             3+5=8
Discuss three types and five distinctive nature of services.                           3+5=8
21. State the factors affecting the choice of source of fund.                                                         8
What is debenture? State four different types of debentures.                                   2+6=8
22. Discuss the role of chambers of commerce and Industry in promotion of internal trade in India.                          8
Explain four advantages and disadvantages of departmental store.                                          4+4=8


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