Dibrugarh University Arts Question Papers: POLITICAL SCIENCE (Major) (Political Theory)' November - 2013

[BA 5th Sem Question Papers, Dibrugarh University, 2013, Political Science, Major, Political Theory]

2013 (Nov)
Course: 501
(Political Theory)
Full Marks: 80
Pass Marks: 32
Time: 3 hours
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions

1. Answer/Choose the correct option of the following: 1x8=8
  1. “Behaviouralism is a protest movement within political science.” This statement was made by David Easton/Robert Dahl/David Truman.
  2. According to Individualist, The State is a necessary evil’.
(State Correct or Incorrect)
  1. Who is the author of the book, Two Treaties of Civil Government?
  2. Mention one source of power.
  3. “It would be a lasting benefit to political science if the whole concept of sovereignty were surrendered.”This statement was made by Maclver/Marx/Laski.
  4. Mention one condition for the successful working of democracy.
  5. Who is called the father of the concept of Welfare State?
  6. What is the meaning of Hijrat?
2. Write on the following (within 150 words each): 4x4=16
  1. Historical approach to the study of political science.
  2. Marxist ways of defining State.
  3. Relation between power and authority.
  4. Features of liberal democracy.
Answer the following questions (within 500 words each):
3. Trace the development of political science as a discipline. 12
What is Behaviouralism? Discuss the main components of Behaviouralism as upheld by David Easton.         4+8=12
4. Examine the normative ways of defining State. What are its demerits? 7+4=11
Discuss critically the social contract theory of the origin of the State. 11

5. What do you mean by equality? Discuss the relation between equality and liberty. 4+7=11
Critically examine the pluralistic theory of sovereignty. 11
6. Discuss the basic features of the Third World democracy. What are its differences from the Western Liberal democracy? 7+4=11
What do you mean by totalitarian government? Discuss various features of totalitarian government.            4+7=11
7. What is globalization? Do you think that the concept of globalization has limited the sovereign authority of the State? Give arguments. 4+7=11
Discuss critically Gandhi’s view on Welfare State. 11


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