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Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Dibrugarh University Arts Question Papers:POLITICAL SCIENCE (Major) (Indian Political Thought) ' November-2014

Course: 502
(Indian Political Thought)
Full Marks: 80
Pass Marks: 32
Time: 3 hours
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions

1. Answer/Choose the correct answer of the following: 1x8=8
  1. Name the book written by Kautilya on State administration.
  2. What is Tripitaka?
  3. Who founded Mitramela?
  4. When did Iqbal step in active politics?
  5. Who wrote Unto This Last?
  6. Write the name of one western writer who influenced the outlook of Nehru.
  7. Who wrote India in Transition?
  8. Satya Sodhak Samaj was established in the year 1871/1872/1873.
2. Write on the following (within 150 words each): 4x4=16
  1. Kautilya’s Judicial Administration.
  2. Nehru’s Socialism.
  3. J. P’s concept of World Community.
  4. M. N. Roy’s view on Individual Rights.
Answer the following questions (within 500 words each):
3. Make a comparative study of the political philosophy of Kautilya and Machiavelli. 12
Give an outline of Buddhist political thought.
4. Discuss V. D. Savarkar’s contribution to political philosophy. 11
Narrate Muhammad Iqbal’s ideas on patriotism and nationalism.
5. Write a critical note on the basic philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi. 11
Discuss critically Nehru’s ideas on Non-Alignment.
6. Write a note on Jyotiba Phule’s contribution on emancipation of women. 11
Discuss Ambedkar’s view on social justice.
7. Discuss briefly J. P. Narayan’s view on total revolution. 11
Discuss M. N. Roy’s concept of new democracy.


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