Dibrugarh University - B.Com 5th Semester: Human Resource Development Syllabus

Marks: 80 Hours: 40
Objective : The objective of this course is to provide theoretical knowledge about different HRD practices.

Course Contents:
Unit-1: Introduction to HRD: Concept, Growth, Position of HRD in Human Resource Management, Objectives, Scope, Need and Importance of HRD. Role of a HRD Manager.           20 : 10 hrs

Unit-II: HRD Structure, HRD Culture and Climate, HRD as a System, Role of Line Managers in HRD System, HRD Audit.                  20 : 10 hrs

Unit-III: HRD Practices in India, Objective of Strategic HRD, Components and Principles of Strategic HRD.  20 : 10 hrs

Unit-IV: Training and Development- Meaning and Importance. Methods of Training. Identification of Training Needs. Implementation and evaluation of Training and Development Programme. Executive/ Management Development.                      20 : 10 hrs

Text and Reference Books:
1. Krishnaveni R. (2008): Human Resource Development ; EXCEL BOOKS, New Delhi-110 028.
2. Mahanty Kalyni and Routray Padmalita: Human Resource Development and Organizational Effectiveness ; EXCEL BOOKS, New Delhi-110 028.
3. Maheswari B. L. and Singha Dhari P. :Management of Change through HRD ; Tata Mc Graw Hill, New Delhi.
4. Bhattacheryya: Performance Management System and Strategy, Pearson, New Delhi.
5. Singh: Employee Relations Management, Pearson, New Delhi.

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