Dibrugarh University - B.Com 5th Semester: Mathematics Syllabus

Course No. 501 (or) MATHEMATICS (MATS XVII)
(For B.Com General and six Speciality Courses)
Marks: 80 Hours: 40
Objective: The objective of this course is to enable the student to have the minimum knowledge of mathematics as is applicable to business and economics situation.
Course Contents:

UNIT I: ALGEBRA: Arithmetic and Geometric Progressions, Quadratic Equations, Logarithm Analytical geometry: (Cartesian co-ordinate system) Length of a line segment section formula, area of a triangle, square, rectangles, rhombus, Gradient of a straight line, equation of straight line (various forms).                20: 10 hrs

UNIT II: DETERMINANTS: Definition, Minors and Cofactors of determinant, Properties of determinants, calculation of value of determinants up to third order, Solution of a system of linear equations (not more than three variables), multiplication of determinants.
MATRICES: Definition, Types of matrix, Addition and multiplication of matrix; Ad joint and inverse of a matrix; solution of linear equations by matrix method (not more than three variable), application of matrices.  20: 10 hrs

UNIT III: LINEAR PROGRAMMING: Formulation of LPP; Graphical method of solution; Problem relating to two variables including the case of mixed constraints; Case having no solutions, unbounded solution and redundant constraints.
SIMPLEX METHOD: Solution of problems up to the three variables, including the cases of mixed constraints; Duality; Transportation problem.            20: 10 hrs

UNIT IV: CALCULUS (problems and theorems involving trigonometrically ratios are not to be done):- limit and continuity of a function; Differentiation of functions up to second order; maxima and minima.             20: 10 hrs

Text and Reference Books:
1.Allen R.G.D.: Basic Mathematics; Macmillan, New Delhi.
2.Dowling, E.T.: Mathematics for Economics; Schaum Series, McGraw Hill, London.
3.Loomba, Paul: Linear Programming; Tata Mc Graw Hill, New Delhi.
4.Vohra, N.D.: Quantitative Techniques in Management; Tata Mc Graw Hill, New Delhi.
5.Soni, R.S.: Business Mathematics; Pitamber Publishing House.
6.Kapoor, V.K.: Business Mathematics; Sultan Chand & Sons, Delhi.
7.Holden: Mathematics for Business and Economics; Macmillan, New Delhi

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