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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Dibrugarh University - B.Com 5th Semester: IRFW Syllabus

Marks:80 Hours: 40
Objective: The object of this course is to apprise student about export- import procedures.
Course Contents:
UNIT-I: Documentary Framework for exports and imports: Registration of an export firm and licensing regulations; Processing of an export order; Export documents –need and types; Overview of various export documents. International Business Contracts: Types and formation.               20 : 10 hrs
UNIT-II: Payment terms: Instruments and methods of financing, including documentary credits and collection; Uniform Customs and Practices (UCP) 500. Export Finance: Facilities, incentives and procedures for pre-and post-shipment finance.                    20 : 10 hrs
UNIT-III: Business Risk Coverage: Cargo, credit, and foreign exchange risk coverage, Cargo insurance; Role and schemes of ECGC and commercial banks.                    20 : 10 hrs
UNIT-IV: Foreign Exchange Regulations and formalities.                   20 : 10 hrs
Text and Reference Books:
1. Paras Ram, Export: What, Where and How; Anupam Publishers, Delhi.
2. Uniform Customs & Practice for Documentary Credits; International Chamber of Commerce, Paris.
3. Handbook of Import –Export Procedures; Ministry of Commerce, Government of India, New Delhi.
4. Mahajan M.l.; Exports: Do it yourself ; Snowwhite Publications, Mumbai.
5. Export Documentation and Procedures; Nabhi Publications, New Delhi.

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